Topic 1

Dominique Lemon

To what extent did militarism contribute to the origins of the first world war and the second world war?

World War I

Militarism was a large force in European countries prior to WWI
There were defense systems that were funded through government

Arms race

From 1891-1919, Germany France and Russia were competing with each other as to who had the best armed forces
Some see this as an continuous issue that directly resulted in WWI while others seen this as only the motive while nationalism was the true cause

Militarism, nationalism, and imperialism

These were believed to all be equal contributes to the start of WWI
Pictures revealed how widespread nationalism had become

World War II

Militarism was not as much as a major cause of WWII
It was mostly relevant in Germany, Japan, and Italy

This war was less largely centered on militarism but it was still a factor
Cause could better be seen as the direct result of specific battles and tensions
One major cause could be seen as the treaty of Versailles. It caused monetary reparations and placed the blame of war on Germany and Austria Hungary
Another major contribution was the Spanish civil war
This war was based largely upon bobbing of cities and advanced tactics and weapons