7th and 8th Grade News

Week of March 14th

Hawk Happenings

Hello Parents and Guardians!

Here's our news for this week. NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!!!

Stations of the Cross March 25th

On March 25th, beginning at 10am, we will have a live performance of the Stations of the Cross. ALL STUDENTS (Except Sylvan and Isabella) HAVE A SPEAKING PART THAT MUST BE MEMORIZED! PLEASE GET YOUR STUDENT PREPARED THIS WILL BE THEIR TOP PRIORITY. You are invited to come watch!

The parts given are listed below so that you know your student's speaking part. It will be much like a play, only with more reverence. The character of Jesus doesn't speak, Narrators one and two take turns introducing each scene, and the character next to the number is the "speaker" for that station (ie, Peter is station 1).

Jesus- Sylvan Igisomar

Narrator 1- Ekaterina Wood

Narrator 2- Josselyn Gomez Soto

1. Peter - Christopher Ramos

2. Judas - Saul Talavera

3. Caiaphas - Rolando Hernandez

4. Civilian - Esmeralda Herrera

5. Pilate's Wife - Juliana Tran

6. Soldier - Oscar Santana

7. Barabbas - Miguel Garcia Valenzuela

8. Simon - Kha Tran

9. Woman - Erandy Montes

10. Gambler - Miguel Plancarte

11. Dismas (The good thief) - Mario

12. The Virgin Mary - Michelle Perez Garcia

13. Centurion - Ahtziri Montes

14. Joseph Arimathea - Juan Duran

Director's Asst. - Isabella Bosteder

Social Studies Test Wednesday 3/16

Students should be studying and/or have been since last Wednesday.

St. Patrick's Day Thursday

Students will be allowed to dress in green for St. Patrick's Day, but please keep it conservative. It is still a church day, so it is not a time to be too over-the-top. Students will only be allowed to wear green shirts and jeans. No green face paint, hairspray, accessories, or toys should be brought.

Tutoring this week CANCELLED

This week will be too busy for me to do tutoring, but I will pick it back up on March 22nd.

Report Cards

Report Cards will be issued this week in the Brown envelopes. Please be on the lookout. We will be scheduling conferences shortly.


In case you miss it up top.

That's all I have this week. Please let me know if you have any questions comments or concerns!