Career Tech Tutor for hire:

Lance Krystoff

Do you have trouble with computers or Technology?

Well, the answer to your problem is here. I can help you become better. prices start at $5 an hour

A quick bio of me:

I am a great teacher. I do not get frustrated, and I work well with people. If you have trouble with one or the other, or both then you should hire me to be your tutor.

Reasons you should hire me as your tutor:

1.I can teach you how to use a computer
2.I can work with on information
3. I do not get frustrated
4. I work with you, not against you
5. My prices are cheap

I am also holding a seminar at the following location:

Monday, March 31st, 8:30-9:45pm

9 Nichols St

Wellsboro, PA

RSVP requested in advance. $1.50 admission fee.

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