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Seal the loop program

Seeing the potential to save marine life, Dolphin Marine Magic and Coffs Harbour City Council partnered with Zoos Victoria in 2013 to conduct a "pilot" Seal The Loop program, installing 5 unique “NSW Blue” Seal The Loop bins around the Coffs Harbour Jetty area. The program proved highly successful with over 1.5km of fishing collected since the program's inception.

Due to the success of the NSW program a further 20 bins will be installed in 2016 across the Coffs Harbour and Bellinger council areas.

Nationally there are close to 200 Seal The Loop bins installed across Australia in New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. All the Seal The Loop bins have been constructed from recycled plastic collected at Melbourne Zoo and since it's inception Seal The Loop has collected over 22km of fishing line, preventing the deaths of countless marine creatures.

If you are interested in installing or managing your own Seal The Loop bin, please

How does Seal the Loop help marine animals?

The seal the loop program has made new rubbish bins from the plastic waste collected at the melbourne zoo. These bins are put in fishing and marine areas so that poeple put their rubbish into the bins and not into the water.

Seal the loop designing bins program

Friday, Dec. 4th, 9:30am-5:30pm

Elliott Avenue

Parkville, VIC

Come to Melbourne zoo to help with the seal the loop program! In this program kids and parents can help us make seal the loop bins which then will be placed in fishing areas and marine areas all around melbourne so that fishers and people can put their rubbish into these bins and not into the waters. This program will be held on 4th of December till the 8th of December.