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September 16, 2016

Learning for All

by Chris Briggs-Hale, Principal

Teaching children to be curious is done best when adults model the habits of being curious. When teachers are learning, researching, and planning together, children emulate these behaviors. In a school, the best learning happens when EVERYONE is rigorously and joyfully learning!

Finding time for teachers to model being a “learning organization” is not always easy to do. This year, we are piloting a few programs that allows teachers to research and plan together without the traditional inconvenience to our wonderful parents. We thought you might enjoy learning about some of these new, best practices:

Master Class Series: In most school districts, “teacher work days” can lead to inconvenient half or whole days in which working parents are forced to find daycare. This year, we brought together innovative minds to find a way to allow our teachers to research and collaborate while keeping your children in school engaged in high quality learning. We call this innovation the UPES Master Class Series. Starting this coming Monday, and for one Monday per month across the rest of the school year, your child will benefit from working with the Internationally award winning Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale. On each of these 1 hour and 45 minute days, children will rotate between rigorous, expertly instructed classes in:

- Movement

- Drama

- Ear Training

- Solfege (an Italian word describing the musical discipline of learning scales and hearing pitch)

Supervised by our outstanding team of para-educators and lead by the Chorale’s veteran teaching staff, your children will participate in eight sessions across the year culminating in an exciting Community Show in the Spring.

Classroom Conversations: You know the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the grease,” right? Well, when to all the rest of the “wheels” get the grease? This year, we have scheduled three full days to assemble our whole team to discuss every single child to ensure we are never missing a beautiful mind, talent, or passion. By assembling individual teachers together with all the professionals who regularly work with your child, we can better plan for each child’s personalized journey of learning. At its core, we ask questions like, “what more does this child need to blossom?” It’s exciting, it’s effective, and it highlights the needs of children who don’t always get the grease (as well as those who already do)!

Specials Integration: With the shift to Specials in the early morning, our non-classroom based teacher team is now free to “push in” and serve kids in regular classrooms. Working with teachers, our specialists and interventionists can help, create, and individualize learning for kids without always having to pull them out. What could be better than a PE, Art, Music, or Technology teacher visiting the classroom to co-teach with the regular teacher? Nothing! Integration is the key to even deeper learning!

Announcing.....Parent University

UPE Weekly Activites

Monday, September 19:

2:50pm arts 14 After School Classes

Tuesday, September 20:

2:50 STAR, Landsharks, arts 14

Wednesday, September 21:

2:50pm arts14, Sphero Club

Thurday, September 22:

9:00am-1:30pm 2nd to Manitou Skate Park

2:5opm STAR, Landsharks, arts 14

Friday, September 23:

3:00pm-5:00pm Cooking Class - Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest From Our School Garden

Big image

Not all classrooms have four walls....

Our Sixth Grade is on a camping trip like no other! They planned their meals, budgeted their expenses, went shopping for their own supplies, and even harvested some of their own food for this trip. Real world, hands-on, rigorous academic learning in an amazingly fun and exciting way!

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