British Displacement

Why is David Thompson important ?

By: Mahmood, Abira and Ohene-manu, Sarah

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David Thompson

David Thompson was a fur trader, surveyor, astronomer and an explorer. He mapped about one sixth of North America and most of Western Canada. He travelled 80 000 kilometers mapping Western Canada and Northwestern United States.


David Thompson discovered many of our now known historic sites while travelling, like Rocky Mountain House, Howse Pass, Kootenae House and Athabasca Pass. He also discovered the full length of the Columbia river.

Connection between British Displacement and David Thompson

It was because of British Displacement that the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Company went into business and David Thompson was hired. Without the British coming here we wouldn't know about David Thompson's discoveries and places he explored.


David Thompson is important because he discovered many of our now known historic sites. He was also the first to create a map of Northwest Canada and his discoveries and explorations helped define our country.