TRUBUCKS- In Aqua We Trust

New Incentive Rewards Program for Team True Believers

"I Hate Winning Prizes" said no one ever

I really love to shop. I love to shop for others. I love to reward people who do what they are going to say they are going to do and accomplish their goals. I love to give prizes to my Trubies- when they work hard and deserve the recognition for doing it. Sometimes, the hard work does not translate into huge personal volumes, or large growing teams, but each goal achieved deserves something. That is why I am introducing TRUBUCKS!

I really loved how we did June's incentive where I had 10 prizes and the top 10 Trubies was able to pick out the prizes what they would like. But I do not want anyone to be discouraged that they will never will anything when they see the same names time after time on the top ten. I loved that 10 Trubies received prizes. Which got me thinking, I would love to reward anyone who is truly working their business, even if they are not on the top ten for PV.

One evening, I was chatting with a customer about gift certificates. I told her I could email one to her, and have her print it out ( )
Then I thought,"It would be so cute if I had like aqua colored play money with my info in it to give to customers, to use as gifts or a customer incentive." So I called the team's glamazing graphic designer Heidi Keller to whip up an Aqua dollar. We thought we were realllllly brilliant here. JEWELRY BAR BUCKS!
Then, I thought,"This would be a perfect way to reward my Trubies that I love so much! Let's make aqua dollars that they can earn for prizes and call them TruBucks!"

And that, my dear Trubies, is the story.

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Trubucks is an incentives and rewards program for everyone who is on Krista Saysanam's downline, otherwise known as TEAM TRUE BELIEVERS! This takes effect 8/1/13.

How to earn Trubucks:
5 Trubucks or TBs
-each new front line team member that comes on after 8/1/13
-every $1000 in PV
-have more than 10 orders in one month
-every Jewelry Bar you closed out that did $750 or more (send me screenshot of the closed out party screen)
-complete SMART goals worksheet and go over w/me or your Mentor (can complete this task once every 3 months)
-for every $5k you have in Team Volume
Leading Designers- promote to Team Leader
Team Leaders- promote to Senior Team Leader
Leadership Promotion Requirements:
Team Leaders and Senior Team Leaders- earn 10 TBs each month for meeting your rank qualifications.
Leader with the Highest front line volume- earns 10 additional TB!

MUST EMAIL WHEN TASK/GOAL IS COMPLETE AND CC YOUR MENTOR AS WELL to get credit for your Trubucks! I will be tallying up your Trubucks on a spreadsheet, but this is to cover all angles so we are on the same page! PLEASE GET THE MONTH'S EMAILS TO ME BY THE LAST DAY OF THE MONTH.


50 TBs- $20 Visa Gift Card,
Origami Owl tee shirt from backoffice, Timeless Beauty Bag from Thirty One, OR 1 pack of TOMS w/1 pack of order forms.

100 TBs- Origami Owl car decal, 500 pack of business cards, O2 polka dot bag, dinner and a movie gift card for two, or grab bag of inventory (various charms, plates, and dangles)

150 TBs- Spafinder gift card, or grab bag of inventory. (Various charms, plates, dangles, chains and lockets)

250 TBs- beautiful namebrand handbag. Will text you pics for you to choose. Or ticket to 2014 convention.

350 TBs- iPad mini

*Smaller prizes (50-100 TBs range) may vary each month. You can choose to cash them in for smaller prizes or save them up a bigger prize. There is no limit for collecting Trubucks and they will not expire.

Terms and Conditions:

This program is available to any existing designer throughout my lineage.

The program officially starts on August 1, 2013 at midnight EST and has no end.

Upon completion of a task or goal, the designer must email me, and their direct mentor, with the task or goal, and date completed.

Trubucks will be mailed to the designer. Promotion goal will have to be verified after the 10th of the month.

The designer with the highest front line volume for the month will be announced on the 1st of the following month.

Redeeming Prizes:

Trubucks will be mailed to the designer upon completion of the tasks.

To redeem for a prize, the designer must mail the collected Trubucks back to me, in the quantity required for redemption.

Special prizes may occasionally pop up and point values will be assigned at that time.

Cheaters and haters do not qualify for Trubucks.

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And there you have it!! May the Trubucks BEGIN!! (On 8/1/13, that is....)

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I Will Be Keeping My Eye On You!!!

Tips to OO success:
-Touch your business everyday, whether it be just checking your backoffice, or our Facebook team page.
-READ what is posted in the backoffice "My Company News" newsfeed (right hand column) and check out the resources section
-Wear your locket!
- Watch the webinars so you can be "in the know"
-Make your list of people that you can go through and see if they are interested in having a Jewelry Bar with you. There are those who will say "No" and it is ok, move forward. Thank the ones who said "No" because they led you to your, "YES!"
- Do not let people get under your skin, let them help you grow a thicker one!
- Take control of your calendar! Schedule the time that you know you can or want to work your business, and do that. Do not shut out your family while you build your business, or the only thing you will build is their resentment toward you and OO.
-Make a Vision board. Write out your goals and dreams.
-Remember to give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate small successes as well as the big ones.

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Use Origami Owl's Core Values and you will achieve your goals. You will shine bright and be so proud of yourself. I am always in your corner, cheering you on. When your dreams are realized, mine are too.

Thank you for all you do!

I have such a great time with you. I hope to someday meet each and everyone of you.

Weird fact about me: I am really superstitious. I believe in rituals and good luck charms. I wear a bracelet that my mom gave me that she had blessed for me, to help guide me to success. I call her before every Jewelry Bar I do, and she wishes me luck. And I have to take my inhaler and put on lip gloss, or I can't start. LOL

Wishing you lots of luck and success,
Krista Saysanam
Executive Team Leader of Team True Believers