St. Joseph

Foster father of Jesus

Biography of St. Joseph

St. Joseph was born in 100 A.C.D and he was born in Bethlehem. St Joseph’s dad was named Jacob and he had six children and Joseph was the third child. St Joseph was a very kind man and he was really behaved. He helped the poor even though he wasn’t extremely wealthy. Joseph already found Marry already pregnant and took her in. Then Jesus was born and Joseph became the step father of Jesus. He prepared for the future by trying to find a place so marry could have a kid. First he went to a hospital but they were sold out so then they could not find a place to have their kid. Then they found a barn and had Mary’s kid Jesus. They had three priests come and give Jesus gifts. Joseph was extremely kind to marry to help find her a place when Joseph didn’t even know who the kid was.

Saint Joseph did lots of work while he is recorded in the bible. Some of this work is taking care of a baby which was Jesus. Saint Joseph loved and cared for Jesus and gave up a lot of his free time to baby Jesus. Saint Joseph was very important not just to the bible but, also to the church and the religion. He was also so important because he was the foster father to Jesus. He is also the symbol of building the religion because he was a carpenter. He was also important because he was chosen to help Jesus grow up. He educated and taught Jesus everything he knew. He also was a leader for Jesus; he was a loving leader to Jesus. He also led by working long hours for his family. He was a saint because he was such a good teacher to Jesus. He also was a really good husband to Mary.

We should know that Joseph was never officially canonized, but is still considered a saint. Joseph helped people by many different things such as: helping people with their houses because he was a carpenter, and also helped take care of Jesus because he was his foster father. We celebrate St. Joseph’s fest day on March 19, and his feast day is a big day for Italians, and on that day they have a huge feast. In 2006, his feast day was transferred to March 20. Also, after Jesus was born, an angel returned to him and warned him that the child was in danger. And one more thing is that, he is known as Joseph the Betrothed, and also as Joseph of Nazareth. My last interesting fact about St. Joseph is that he was the head of the humble home and the guardian of the holy family. That is who St. Joseph is.

Discovering our Saints - St. Joseph the Worker

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