Visible Thinking in the Digital Classroom

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2. Download any of the apps below that you need

Please don't be discouraged if you know all these apps or none of them. This session isn't about the apps but how we will use technology to make student thinking visible. Hang with...

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Session Essential Questions

1. How can instructional leaders encourage high levels of metacognitive response in activities and projects?
2. How can questioning serve as formative assessment and feedback to advance learning processes?
3. What is the role of organizational culture in developing learners who become responsible for their own thinking and personal development?

What does "making thinking visible" mean to you?

1. Go to

2. Type your name and select "Join"

3. Type your response and select "Say"

4. Read your peers responses...notice any themes? What makes you say that?

*iPad Photo Courtesy of Kevin Honeycutt

*What Makes You Say That?

*Interpretation with justification

1. Go to (open in new tab)

2. Room ID: 50877

3. Story Visualization - What's going on?
4. What do you see that makes you say that?

Skippyjon Jones Lost in Spice webisode

Research Framework

*Think Pair Share

*Active Reasoning & Explanation

Encourages Students to think about a question and share their thoughts with a partner.


1. How can you apply this research framework to your own experience with technology integration? Share your thoughts verbally with a partner.

2. Then collaborate to produce a Tellagami with your partner and your shared thoughts.

*Think, Puzzle, Explore

*Setting the Stage for Deeper Inquiry

  1. What do you think you know about this topic?

  2. What questions or puzzles do you have?

  3. How can you explore this topic?

Step 1: Get your graphics in line

Start with a student drawing, image, picture, graphic, or other piece of visual content. Use tools to edit, enhance, engage, enlighten, encourage, empower....ok out of e's. You get the point.


Great For: basic editing, cropping, labeling, highlighting, blurring (think kid's faces or personal info, license plate). Student Project Example: Learned Behavior vs. Inherited Traits (story from in-class coaching)


Great For: Creating infographics with pretty templates, icons & graphics. Download as jpg, pdf or share link. Student Example: Process of book list creation

Some other Infographic Creators...

Step 2: Add a layer of awesome

More Resources

Make Your Exploration Visible: What did you learn?

-Explore the water cycle puzzle question you selected from our group discussion.

-Brainstorm with a partner or group: How are we going to demonstrate the thinking we are dong as we explore this topic?

-Choose apps that will best demonstrate your thinking. Create.

-Post your creation:


*Capturing Essence

1. If you were to write a headline for this topic or issue right now that captured the most important aspect that should be remembered, what would that headline be?

2. How has your headline changed based on today's discussion? How does it differ from what you would have said yesterday?


1. If you were to write a headline to capture the most important aspect that should be remembered about the year 2013, what would the headline be?

2. Use the TouchCast app to work with a partner or group to create a short video with the headline chosen.

*See, Think, Wonder

Exploring works of art and other interesting things...

1. What do you see?

2. What do you think about that?

3. What does it make you wonder?

A Pep Talk from Kid President to You


I Used to Think...Now I think:

*A routine for reflecting on how and why our thinking has changed

1. Go here

2. Double click to add your response

I used to think... but now I think...

3. Read your peers responses... notice any themes? How did their thinking change? How has your thinking changed?


The *resources including the Visible Thinking Routines and their descriptions were compiled from the Visible Thinking website with some modifications and additions. More information can be found at

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