Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q & A on KCSD's plans for reopening school

Updated: Aug. 15, 2020

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My high school student is in specialized and advanced classes. Which option should she choose: Hybrid with Comprehensive Distance Learning or KCSD Online?

Hybrid, which transitions to Comprehensive Distance Learning when metrics close schools, is the recommended choice. It allows high school students to take their classes with their teachers and classmates.They receive live instruction with their teachers either virtually or in the classroom. KCSD Online will have the classes students need, including advanced classes, but students would not be taught by their teachers or be directly connected with their special programs. KCSD is a 100 percent online curriculum from an online publisher. These students are assigned a KCSD teacher. If you are still unsure, please contact your school principal to discuss your specific situation.

We work all day until 4 p.m. and cannot be available to help our grade school students until then. Can my student do KCSD Online classes in the evenings? Are there specific times they will need to log on or is it flexible?

KCSD Online is a good option for families who need flexibility or for students who are unable to return to the classroom. Students are able to access their coursework and complete assignments at any time during the day or evening. KCSD Online is a self-paced curriculum and is student directed. Students will be assigned KCSD teachers to support them academically, and monitor their progress.

What are families who do not have access to a computer to do? Or the families who do not have internet access?

Providing a computer and access to online content for ALL students is a priority for us. We have invested in more Chromebooks and plan to provide a device to every student who needs one. Though district has ordered enough Chromebooks, due to high demand across the world, some of the order will be delayed. Last spring, we added 16 Wi-Fi hotspots to our school buildings so students could access the Internet.We also are working on getting internet access to students if needed through Verizon hotspots.

What is exactly is KCSD Online? Why would I choose it?

KCSD Online is option for those families who are unable or unwilling to return to school and need a flexible, 100% online option with KCSD teacher support. For K-6, this is a self-paced curriculum from Pearson Education. For 7-12, we will use curriculum from Edgenuity. Your student will be assigned to a KCSD teacher, though not their classroom teacher, and receive direct support. Students who enroll in this option remain connected to their resident school and can access free support and nutritional services.

Will the district be providing Chromebooks?

Yes!! We have invested in more Chromebooks and plan to provide a device to every student who needs one. Note: The district has ordered enough Chromebooks for every student, but due to high demand across the world, some of the order will be delayed.

Will the distance learning with hybrid if schools close be the same as it was last spring? My son didn't learn much and had a hard time figuring out how to turn in assignments.

Our distance learning at home will be significantly different – and better – than last spring. The district has invested in Schoology, a learning management system that streamlines lessons and assignments. Students will participate in a combination of live online classes with their teachers and applied learning where they work independently on tasks with access to support. Training in Schoology will be provided to both students and parents during the first week of September.

What about transfer students?

If your student is attending a KCSD school on an approved transfer from either Klamath Falls City Schools or between county schools, and you choose to enroll in KCSD Online or Great Basin Homeschool Center, the transfer will be honored for your student to return to their approved school during the 2020-21 school year. If your intent is to remain enrolled in KCSD Online or Great Basin Homeschool Center for the entire 2020-21 school year, but you wish to return to your approved school for the 2021-22 school year, you must notify the KCSD transfer office at 541-851-8753; by May 15, 2021.

What are you doing for students with IEPs or special education needs?

Students on individualized education plans (IEP) will receive accommodations and modifications as needed to meet their needs academically, while taking health and safety into consideration. Students with disabilities will receive limited on-site specially designed instruction four days per week. District case managers/coordinators will contact families by Sept. 4. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Laura Blair, director of special services, at 541-851-8759.

Can my children be on the same schedule?

Yes, that is our plan. We understand that scheduling will be a challenge for many families. We plan to keep students in the same family attending school on the same days. We are encouraging parents to form cooperative groups of family and friends who can collaborate to provide supervision, activities, and homework assistance during days student are not in school. We hope to create a system where cooperative groups can request the same schedule for their students.

Can I request what days I want my child to attend school under the hybrid model?

Students will be assigned by their schools to AA and BB cohorts. AA cohorts attend school in-person Monday-Tuesday. BB cohorts attend in-person Wednesday-Thursday. If you want to request a specific cohort, please call your school. We cannot guarantee your requested cohort, but will do our best to accommodate you.

Will distance learning under the hybrid plan be different from what students experienced this spring?

Yes! While we are proud of what our educators and students accomplished this spring, we know online and distance learning during the unexpected emergency school closures was a challenge for many families. The distance learning in our hybrid plan will be significantly different – and better – than last spring. The district has invested in Schoology, a learning management system that streamlines lessons and assignments. It is basically a single portal for students (and parents) that offers one place for lessons, assignments, announcements, grades, etc. It includes an app that allows parents and students to access announcements and other information from the site on their mobile devices. Training in Schoology will be provided to both students and parents.We are working this summer to ensure high-quality curriculum across all grade levels. Teachers will provide ongoing feedback to students and grading of schoolwork will be completed remotely.

Does the district’s reopening plan address childcare for the days students are learning at home?

The district does not have the staff or facilities to provide childcare during distance learning days. We are encouraging parents to form cooperative groups of family and friends who can collaborate to provide supervision, activities, and homework assistance during days students are not in school.

What about sports and extracurricular activities?

We know academic, athletic, and other school-sponsored activities are invaluable to our students. Go to the OSAA website at for the latest information.

Will schools continue to offer transportation?

Absolutely. We are still working out the details, but safety protocols will be in place to protect students and staff. In August, your school will be reaching out to you to determine what your transportation needs are for fall.

Will the district still provide nutritional services and meals for students?

Yes! We are proud of our meal service and the success of our ongoing grab-and-go meal delivery program. All of our schools now qualify under the Community Eligibility Provision, which means EVERY student enrolled in the Klamath County School District (including our homeschool and online programs) will receive free meals at school or through our grab-and-go program. Here's the latest on how that will work:

Grab-and-go meal plan for distance learners:

  • All KCSD schools will provide free meals (three breakfasts, three lunches) from 11 a.m. to noon every Tuesday and Friday starting Sept. 1. (Our current program continues through Aug. 31.)
  • The district will continue to deliver grab-and-go meals on Tuesdays and Fridays to more than 40 sites around the county. Look for information about updated times and locations in late August.
Grab-and-go meal plan for onsite/hybrid students:
  • Grab-and-go meals for students attending school will be consumed at school. Breakfast will be picked up at the entry points of school buildings and be eaten in an area designated by the schools. Lunch will be in clear bags. Every item will be packaged. Students who eat meals at school will be in cafeterias with their cohorts (in groups of less than 50) following social distancing guidelines.

Will students receive letter grades?

Unless Oregon Department of Education guidance changes, student work will be turned in and graded, and students will earn standard letter grades for their classes.

Will staff and students be required to wear masks or face coverings at school?

We will follow guidance from the Oregon Department of Education. Currently, guidelines call for people age 5 and up to wear face coverings or face shields.

I am thinking about enrolling my child in one of the online programs advertised on television and social media sites. Does KCSD have a similar program? Are there advantages to staying with the district?

Yes, and yes! We have two options for students and parents who do not want to return to the classroom at this time:

KCSD Online: This model is a 100% online platform that provides self-directed curriculum from an online publisher for K-12. Students would commit to this program for a grading period. They will receive support from Klamath County School District teachers as they work through the curriculum, but the lessons are not prepared by our teachers. Students in KCSD Online model remain members of their school community. Any student who wants to enroll in KCSD Online will be asked to register so we can ensure we have all staff support in place to meet the needs of these learners. To enroll in a schooling option click HERE and follow the directions.

Great Basin Homeschool Center: Our virtual and homeschool students have access to nutritional and special services, and extracurricular activities in our KCSD schools. These students are enrolled in Great Basin as part of the Klamath County School District. This program provides parents with free high-quality academic curriculum options and access to highly qualified teachers. Our elementary program offers well-researched curriculum and academic support for homeschooling families, while our secondary program provides online course options through proven providers and learning platforms with certified teachers. To find out more about these options, please call Great Basin Homeschool at 541-883-6699.

And, yes, there are definite advantages to remaining enrolled with your local school district. Advantages include:

  • Students are connected to local teachers and can access face-to-face support as needed.
  • Students can participate in advanced classes, dual credit options, and specialized programs offered in KCSD schools.
  • Students have access to special academic programs and other programs such as theater, band, choir, and art offered in our schools.
  • All students enrolled in the district receive free meals through our nutritional services program.
  • Students can participate in sports and extracurricular activities at their brick-and-mortar school.
  • State student funding stays with the Klamath County School District, enhancing and supporting property tax funding.