Jared Turner

Goteborg ,Sweden

airfare cost and schedule

I am gliding from Denver, Colorado to Goteborg, Sweden at 11:45 a.m and I am arrive to Goteborg, Sweden at 12:10 p.m, Only a 20:13:00 minutes long flight. The flight is only $1,068.000 for 1 passangers and $2,138.000 for 2 passengers. The travel dates are April 9 to April 30. The arrival point is 6:20 am to 6:33 pm.



The Gothia tower hotel is a 4 star hotel within a proximity of worlds cultures museum with a valhalla swimming hall. This place also has 704 guestrooms including a minibar and LCD television. The minibar has a lounge that has a piano for party's or for playing music. The 704 guestroom has one big queen bed and one restroom.



There are lot's of things you could do in Goteborg, Sweden like hikes, zoo's, museums, and amusement parks. There is a Volvo museum that has so many car's that have cool models. The Delsjon nature forest is a very great place to hike and to see lots wild animals and lots of nature .

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

There is a couple of problems in Goteborg, Sweden like the weather. The weather is rainy and very windy. My solution for the bad weather is to get prepared with a winter coat. The good thing is that it is only $1 to get 15 krona (Swedish money). But if you need 78 krona and you do not know how much money that is, then you could go to the Bank and they will count the money for you. Also its harder to understand the language in Sweden, the Sweden language is (Swedish). But in Sweden you could go on your phone and get the English translator. If you don't have a phone then you could go to the store and buy a phone.


I Know this is a very Great place to have a vacation during the spring and summer time when It's warm outside. The Gothia tower hotel is a $156+ 5 star hotel that has lot's of great place's to explore like the minibar, and the nice 704 guest room's. There are lots of fun thing's to do in Goteborg, Sweden like the museums, the zoo's, and the amusement parks. The flight is only 20:13:00 minutes there, and only $1,068.00 for one person and $2,138.00 for two people, also it's 12:13:00 minutes back from Goteborg, Sweden.