How To Pick The Right College

by Katie Booth and Danielle Siemen


The most important step in finding the right college is to make sure they have the program you want.

Don't Follow Your Firends

When it comes to picking a college, following your friends is not a good choice. You will have the opportunity to make new friends at college.


Another big decision in choosing a college is the cost of attending it. If money is tight, a community college would be the best option. Make sure you add up all the costs: books, tuition, parking, room and board, and meals. Also, look into the scholarships that the school has to offer, and put in your application to receive any you are eligible for.


Also, in making a college decision, you should decide if you are comfortable in a rural or urban type setting. Many people do not realize how important this step of the process is. If you are from a small town, you may be better off at a smaller, more rural school setting. For example, someone from Harbor Beach may fit in at Saginaw Valley State University better than University of Michigan in Ann Arbor because he or she may not like the big city and class sizes.

Campus Visit

The last step in choosing a college is to visit the campus and see how well you would fit in. You will be spending a couple years here, and you need to make sure you are comfortable. When visiting the campus, try picturing yourself at the campus.