Ms. Odom's Classes McKinney High School 2015-16

Week October 12-16, 2015

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What a fast couple of weeks we've just finished! We've been working extremely hard to keep focused and on task! First 9 week grades have been submitted and we are redoubling our efforts to communicate clearly and work efficiently. We survived Hoco, PSAT, and the end of the first 9 weeks!

Flexibility is one of the most useful characteristics we can develop and we sometimes find we need to adjust our policies to reflect a more efficient method of handling problems.

Retakes continue to be an issue. I post announcements when summatives appear in HAC as well as the retake opportunity dates. Students receive notifications through Canvas and often procrastinate and forget to turn in the retake permission form in time for me to create an individualized tutorial. Oftentimes no retake permission form is turned in at all. The form is for documentation and oversight prevention. With this in mind, I'm going totally digital for retake forms! The "blue sheets" will disappear in my classroom and be replaced by a link on every summative retake opportunity and announcement. The link will be "live" for a 3-day period since all retakes must be completed within 5 days and I must have a least one day to prepare an individual tutorial, one day for the student to attend tutorials, and one day for retesting. Please encourage your student to take advantage of this opportunity if necessary. MISD Policy is available at this link: http://tinyurl.com/MISDRetakePolicy

As a parent, you are already registered as an observer to your student's Canvas class. You may look at assignments, discussions, syllabus, modules, quizzes, and grades, conversations sent to/from students, class calendar, and preview documents. Due dates and close dates are listed on every assignment so students know how long an assignment is active. Grades in Canvas DO NOT sync with HAC at this time and are not a true reflection of your student's progress so always refer to HAC for accurate grading. If you cannot connect to your student's class, please contact Mrs. Spain kspain@mckinneyisd.net. If you do not have HAC information, contact your student's House Principal's office.

While it's important to remember that teenagers do not have a fully developed mind and remember everything (neither do most adults), we do need to equip them to function in a fast paced society that is largely digital. Please monitor your student's work including due dates, missed assignments, upcoming tests, and retake opportunities. Feel free to contact me if you have questions, suggestions, or want to come visit our class.

Contact Information:

Email: saodom@mckinneyisd.net

Direct Line: 469-302-5886

Sports & Entertainment Marketing

We've examined market segmentation, learning about demographics, geographics, and psychographics in determining our target market. We've also discussed ethics in sports and entertainment and looked at current examples of ethical conduct and unethical conduct. We've spent some time talking about John Wooden and his legacy on leadership and ethics, hence the feature image! We're heading into the new territory of economic impact of sports and finances.

Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance

We've been learning about ethics in business and examining actual cases where business ethics have been violated. We'll discuss laws and regulations affecting business and government agencies affecting business.


  1. Our logo, business cards, and letterhead is ready for printing. Now we'll focus on our identifying our market and conducting market research about our customers' buying habits, preferences, and demographic, geographic, and psychographic data.

Tutorial Schedule

T/Th 2:30-3:15

W 7:00-7:20 by appointment (Student must have a pass available in my classroom or via email prior to tutoring)

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