Alexis' Print Store

The store for the animal inside of you.

What we have!

At our store's we have many different things that the animal inside of you needs to be tamed! We have animal print clothing, bed sheets, chairs, anything! You name it and we got it!

Where we are located

We are located in 5 states and in Paris! Are 5 locations in the states are Montana, California, Iowa, Texas, and Georgia! We are working on expanding into other states. We will be opening a new store in New York on July 4th 2013!


hours: 9 a.m.- 10p.m.

At all store we have at least 7 different people there to help you at all times. We even have a place where you can order specific things! Hurry in while we have our 30% off all items! Offer ends August 3rd 2013.