Centennial G/T Parent Newsletter

October 2021

Howdy Parents!

I hope everyone enjoyed the fall break. In G/T, our students did a PHENOMENAL job on their first unit with Invention Project, "Operation Eco-Adventure." We spent some time working on STEM as we designed & built our own animal pods. Then, our kiddos incorporated their knowledge of science & math to race their pods down a zipline in the classroom. SO MUCH FUN! Finally, we rounded off our unit discussing decision-making & all of the steps required to have successful outcomes!

Moving into October, I cannot wait to see what all they accomplish as we explore "Nature's Engineering!"

❤️-Mrs. Barrera

Donations Needed

We will be creating & building lots this school year! We could use any of the items below to upcycle. Thank you for your support!

-thin cardboard


-empty egg cartons

-empty plastic containers

-paper rolls

-twist ties

-unused plastic straws


-felt or fabric scraps

-plastic bottle caps

-empty cans

-craft/popsicle sticks

-cardboard packing supplies

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Rescue Squad....Leveled Up!

G/T Pull-Out Schedule

Tuesday 9:00-10:00am 4th grade

Tuesday 2:00-3:00pm 2nd grade

Wednesday 8:45-9:45 3rd grade

Wednesday 2:00-3:00pm 1st grade

Friday 8:15-9:15am 2nd grade SIP

Friday 9:35-10:35am 5th grade

*days and times subject to change based on testing schedule or unexpected events*

Good Stuff

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Free Webinars

Thursday, October 14, from 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time

Constructive Collaboration with Your Child’s Teacher
with Pam Peters – University of Connecticut

Students who perform well are often overlooked in general education classrooms. We all understand that teachers are busy and often overwhelmed. Join me for a discussion about ways to build a constructive, two-way relationship with your child’s teacher to help you advocate for their needs.

Pam Peters is the Chair of the Parent, Family, and Community network of the National Association for Gifted Children. She is also a doctoral student at the University of Connecticut, with research focusing on equity in gifted education. She is the parent of two gifted children and has advised parents from around the United States.

Register here: https://gifted.uconn.edu/register/

Thursday, November 18, from 8 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Eastern time (Parent Focus)

Books and More for Promoting Literacy and Thinking in Kids
with Dr. Susannah Richards – Eastern Connecticut University

Looking for recommendations to ignite, delight, and cultivate lifelong readers? This session will highlight recently published books that kids will want to binge read. It will include suggested fiction and nonfiction, middle grade and young adult novels, picture books, graphic novels, and more.

Susannah Richards is an associate professor of Education at Eastern Connecticut State University where she teaches courses on literacy and literature. She has a PhD in Gifted Education from the University of Connecticut where she studied talented readers. She has served on the Newbery, Geisel, Connecticut Book Award, Malka Penn Award for Human Rights in Children’s Literature, and other award committees for children’s literature. She actively reads and presents on books for youth and how to use them at international, national, and local conferences. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @SussingOutBooks.

Register here: https://gifted.uconn.edu/register/

2020-21 Renzulli Center Recorded Webinars

  • Helping Your 2E Child (Sally Reis and Susan Baum)
Streamed Jan. 21, 2021 (view recording here)
  • Technology Roulette in the Age of COVID-19 (Stacy Hayden)
Streamed Feb. 18, 2021 (view recording here)
  • Talking with Children About Their Giftedness (Del Siegle)
Streamed March 18, 2021 (view recording here)
  • Perfectionism and Productive Struggle (Catherine Little)
Streamed April 15, 2021 (view recording here)

Online Fun for Kiddos

Centennial Elementary Student Expectations:

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