National Tree Day

Trees, trees, trees, plant your own tree

About National Tree Day

National Tree Day lets all Australians move away from technology and reconnect with the environment and nature. It lets our Australian community do something positive for the environment. It gets people outside, and it lets us understand how trees have let us live our life happily. On National Tree Day, we replant the trees that have died over the past year, and plant new plants to help us live our life.

How trees help our own lives

Trees produce oxygen so we inhale clean air and keep healthy. They also help our environment as they 'breathe in' 21.7724 kilograms in a year, cleaning up some of the carbon dioxide in the air. They cool the streets and the city, conserve energy, save water, help prevent water pollution, help prevent soil erosion, shield children from ultra-violet rays, provide food, create economic opportunities, bring diverse groups of people together and add unity, provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife and provide wood. We should stop killing trees for paper and think about our actions.

Planet Ark - The Sponsor

Planet Ark creates simple, powerful and positive actions that help people, governments and businesses reduce their impact on the environment. On National Tree Day, Planet Ark works with councils, schools and community groups to help hundreds of thousands of Australians plant over 1 million native trees, shrubs and grasses at more than 4000 Tree Day events.

Toyota - The Sponsor

Toyota's partnership with Planet Ark and involvement in National Tree Day is unequalled in the automotive industry. Toyota have been involved in National Tree Day for the past 10 years, which they are really proud of.
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