Water is Lifeđź’¦

By: Sam Wu, Lauren Jung, Emilie Phan, and Ethan Mac

Water Usage

An average person uses up to about 50-100 gallons of water per day. It could take about 10 gallons of water just to brush your teeth once! It also takes 4-7 gallons just to flush a toilet. As of 2005, California uses up to about 20,000-46,000 million gallons of water perday. This might seem like a lot of water, because it is a lot of water, but all these gallons of liquid are all used on everyday things, including brushing your teeth, flushing the toilet, and drinking water.

Water Conservation

Water Distribution

According to the chart below, only 2.8% out of 100% of the water on Earth is freshwater. In that 2.8%, 0.62 of it is groundwater, and 2.15 of it are glaciers. Usable water comes from aqueducts, water filtration plants, and groundwater systems.
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