Primary Points to Ponder

Week of August 27 "The Greatest School on Earth"

Primary Events Calendar

Please check daily and weekly. It is now color coded by month.

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Things that Vickie Needs From You

  1. How many students did not bring 1" binders
  2. Your Ecoland Training Date so she can ask HR for a PD date for you in Timeclock
  3. Your Ecoland class trip date so she can secure busses
  4. Sunshine Dues (if you need a payment plan let her know) Our total left over from last year was $54.
Furniture Inventory

Please fill out carefully. This will help facility services get a picture of where the district needs to go with purchasing, maintaining, and repairing furniture. Thanks!

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Classroom Routine Support Guided

Are there students who are struggling to learn classroom procedures? This guide gives some ideas on what other things can be done to help kids learn routines.

Seesaw Mini PD

Favorite Apps to Use with Seesaw

If there is an app that is listed that we don't have, let your leads know so they can request it on the App/Digital Content Request form on the PTISD Staff Webpage.

Mindful Monday Lessons Begin This Week!

Morning Procedures

Ms. Barnett will introduce the lesson on announcements. The lesson should be taught immediately after announcements are over. It will be reinforced daily during the week.

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Behavior Updates

After School Detention Guidelines

Certified staff must sign up for 2 days a year. Detention starts September 10th.

PK-4 Discipline Steps

Please see Walker if you have questions.

Believe in Someone
End of Day Dismissal

Buses will dismiss earlier from now on as well.