Stop cyber bulling!

By:Natalie Miller

Cyber bulling hurts people inside and out. People can get upset and so consider committing suicide.

people that get cyber bullied and take it out on other people. Often they commit suicide. Cyber bulling can put people in a position that they can get that mad and take it out on other people. Cyber bulling can hurt people and ruin their happy self and take it out on other people.

how to help

if you no someone that is getting cyber bullied,tell them its OK and help them feel better. If you see a person that is cyber bulling your friend of family member,stand up to them and defend your friend.

for any more information,go

lets stop cyber bulling for good!

Stay safe!

Don't talk to anyone you don't know. Don't do something that you would not like. Lastly stay safe online.
McGruff - Anti-Bullying Film