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Update #3: 8.28.14

Hello, families!

We’re wrapping up week 3 and looking forward to enjoying the long weekend. Remember that campus is closed on Monday, Sept 1 for Labor Day and classes will resume on Tuesday.

School Loop

We are still learning how to use the site, but we’re slowly uploading our curriculum and setting up our gradebooks. You can register for an account to see what we’re doing, and check your student’s attendance and grades. So far I’ve really only posted daily agendas which should be viewable on the calendar.

How do parents get accounts?

1) Go to

2) Choose SUHSD Cañada Middle College on left side.

3) Click on Register Now.

Once registration is filled out, your account will be processed.

College Schedule

Your student’s schedule should be set for the semester now. Tomorrow is the last day to change college classes and return textbooks for dropped classes.

Middle College schedule

Click HERE to see our daily schedule.


The PSAT is being administered at the high school sites on Wednesday, Oct. 15. We are trying to administer the test here so that students don’t have to miss college classes and worry about transportation back and forth; we will keep you posted on registration and whether or not that will happen. Juniors are strongly encouraged to take this test. We will share some test taking strategies in CCR and make available practice tests.


Jen B is covering college applications in the CCR class, including the CSU application and the UC application. Seniors still have several opportunities to take the SAT or ACT for college applications. The next opportunity to register for the SAT is Oct. 11 (registration due Sept 12); the next opportunity to register for the ACT is Oct 25 (registration due Sept 19).

Guest Speakers

We’re looking for guest speakers who are willing to talk to our students about their jobs, how they began their careers, and the pathways they took (education, training, etc.). If you, or someone you know, is able to talk to our classes, please let me know. We’re hoping to schedule guest speakers in our first time block (12:30-1:20)

Tell Me About Your Student

I know we are all busy, but when you have a couple of minutes, I’d love for you to complete this questionnaire about your student so I can know how best to work with her/him.

Back to School/Parent Meeting

We are planning to have a back-to-school night – tentatively plan on Friday, Sept 26 – more details to follow soon. This may be organized in conjunction with our Parent Group.


The SUHSD has started delivering lunches for students who would like to purchase them or qualify for free/reduced lunch. Please talk to Chris for details (


If you are looking for us on campus, we’re not where we used to be. We are now in building 5 in room 112. Chris is one floor above us in room 226. The easiest way to find us is to go to the Grove (cafeteria), walk down the exterior stairs all the way to the bottom, or take the elevator at the end of the hall to the first floor, and we are down the corridor.

Last reminder: Chris only works from 8:30-1:00 on Mondays-Thursdays. We will be in the office tomorrow morning after a meeting at the SUHSD office – we should be in by 10:30 at the latest. We have a regular class schedule tomorrow (12:30-3:10).

What we've been talking about with students this week:

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