Today's Headline: School is Torture

By: Keeton Field

Kids should not have to Attend School

School. Blah! Sorry I just threw up a little when I said that atrocious word. Anyway, kids say they have an all right time but do you know what kids are actually doing at wretched school? There are many hair-raising things that could go on during appalling school. I’m mean would you want to go to miserable school, or let your child go to invidious school, if they got bullied, had no friends, or didn't even assimilate anything. But don’t worry there is a solution. Don’t make kids or let kids go to nauseating school. Just think about if aggravating kids were just getting in trouble the whole class, would you learn anything? NO!!!!!!! And kids are just bored out of their minds!!!! Also, school can be a hazardous environment. Kids get bullied and can’t think about working because they are just plain horror-struck. Also, there are screwballs that are ran sackers at school. Imagine if you have the most flabbergasting thing and you want to show it to your friends. That could very well be swiped away from you.

But, for now let’s just focus on kids not learning anything. It is just a squander of kid’s time if they are not even learning anything. There are many reasons kids can’t learn at school. 1) They are bored out of their minds.2) The teacher is going too fast or too slow. 3) The teacher is horrid and is the biggest idiot because she/he doesn’t even know what they are talking about. 4) They are focused on something that happened before, during, or after school. Once again there is a solution. 1st solution) Take kids out of school. 2nd solution) Let kids be in those after school activities so they can willingly think.

Now let’s talk about kids being bored out of their minds. What is the point of getting up early, going to school, for 7 hours, and the getting home if you are INTENSELY BORED!?!?!?!?! There is no point!!! Has a kid ever said, " School was Awesome Today!”? NO!!! That is because the only reason these words would emerge from a kid's mouth would be because they either had all day recess or watched 5 movies. Some people might argue that school helps you have a brighter future, but I have a reason why that is not even close to being true. If kids are bored in school, why will they continue to go to school? That's right they wouldn't. And what do kids do if they are bored at school, dropout. And you know what society does to these poor kids? Cruelly punishes them. In fact, kids can get their drivers license taken away before the people that take it away knowing why they dropped out. What about kids that dropout because of their parents? That is only one, of the many, stingy punishments that come to dropouts even if they have a good reason to drop out. Also, people might argue that kids will turn out to be a dumb person. But, would a kid think that he was dumb just because he didn't bore himself to sleep?

I hope you will consider your kids not going to petrifying school for these few of many reasons. Also, think about all the children who will be bored, learn nothing, get caught up in violence, and get something stolen from them. And just think about how much of a more fun, less violent, and non-bored society we would have right now.

Comments About This Topic

Druv Murthy, one of the smartest kids in 6th grade said this, "Teachers are brainwashing kids. We can't just stand there and let them get away with this. This is a criminal act."
Amber Nguyen, a very intelligent person also in the sixth grade, said this, "Their parents could teach them or they could go exploring and it would be much more fun than doing work."
Israel Ramirez, awesome kid on the sides of the hallways in sixth grade said, "Kids shouldn't have to be sitting around in desks for their every day lives because they are being bored by their teachers unless they are QUEST teachers."

Patricio Gonzalez, awesome kid in the sixth grade said, "I think you should go to school some days. Only if you learn, go to QUEST, or watch cat videos."