Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel Made Mendel's Laws

Genral Info

Born in: July 20, 1822

Mother: Rosine Mendel

Father: Anton Mendel

Death date: January, 6 1884

Cause: Kidney Inflammation

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was one of the first geneticists. In 1856-1863 Gregor made what is now known as Mendel's laws. Though Mendel was an amazing geneticist he was not recognized until 30 years after he died.

Gregor Mendels Struggles

When Gregor was young his family could not pay for school so gregor tutored other students. But after he graduated he could not find a teaching job. When he was teaching he could not pass some tough exams.

How did he do it

He cross bread several pea plant and got the ratios for recsive and dominant genes. To form what is now known as Mendel's Laws.


Gregor took totaly green seeds and totaly yellow pea plants and breaded them together then 3:1 times the plants turned out green (green 428 to yellow 152. 3:1).

This was not the only thing he tried he also did the same experiment with the seed's shape and stem length and got the same ratio 3:1.

His Work wasn't Reacted to Till 30 Years After He Died.

Scientists did not know of Gregor Mendel research until thirty years after he died. Then they made Mendels laws for other scientists to use. Now Gregor Mendel's research plays an important part in genetics and heredity.

Word Definitions

Dominant trait=

an allele that on trait is overpowering the recessive gene so the trait that is overpowering will show up.


Two genes that are not dominant nor recessive to each other ( equal in power to each other.) Making a new trait.


a Trait that is overpowered by the dominant trait such as green eyes are dominant to brown eyes.

Gregor Mendel