Winter Solstice Celebration

We invite all lovers of Mother Earth, all who seek interfaith spiritual community, and all who wish to celebrate spiritually with others the birth of the new cosmic era, to join our Winter Solstice Celebration on Friday, December 21, at 7:00pm. Join us to observe the end of the old era and help give birth to the new. We will celebrate the dawn of cosmic love and peace through song, dance, gratitude, prayer, candlelight, and guided meditation. People from all spiritual paths are welcome.

Leaders of the “Shift” movement tell us that groups are called at this historic moment to introduce through their energy, vision, prayers, and actions a new era of Love and Peace, rather than war and suffering. Immediately following the ceremony we invite you to join us for a dance party and more celebration!

Join the Party!

Friday, Dec. 21st 2012 at 7-9pm

Unity Center of Peace

Unity Center of Peace

We, at Unity Center of Peace are truly Interspiritual, honoring the beauty of all faiths. We welcome all regardless of race, age, abilities or sexual orientation.