Heckert's H.E.R.O.'s

January 2016

Heckert's H.E.R.O.s,

Happy New Year! There is so much going on the month!

January 20--last day to earn Ready, Set, Sell

January 30--last day for the Fall/Winter catalog

February 1--NEW catalog starts!



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Congrats on Submitting A Party!

Kerri Buschmeyer

Renee Falkinburg

Kandice Arnold

Allison Sadlowski

Shannon Brady

Amy Kucera

Beth Northrop

Dawn Cappetta

Debra Graves Peterson

Jillian Dixon

Rebecca Palshook

Jennifer Shields

Tinka Lampic

Jennifer May

Barbara Pollack

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Retired Products

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December 30 - January 31

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