Is this this app "User Friendly"?

Yes because there is only instructions on how to do things and what u search up is just instructions on how to do almost anything.

Would i recommend to a friend?

Yes i would recommend because it is very useful for a lot of things like "how to's" and Instructions on to do almost anything.

What is my favorite Feature/function on the app?

My favorite Feature/Function on this app is that there are new idea on everything everyday and so many people put instructions on what you want to do and almost everything u want to make or do its probably on this app.

What is my least favorite feature/function on this app?

I don't have one, i like everything on this app because it very useful on a lot of things that i want to craft.

Does this app have any limitations use to being a "light" or free version?

No, everything is free

Proposed use for the app?

If you have a project or need to do a project and you need instructions on how to do something in particular then you can use this app and it will most likely have it for you.

Does this app let student exit at any time without losing any progress?

Yes because you don't have to save anything all you have to do is search up what instructions that you want.

does this app require student to enter personal information?

It only requires you to enter personal information if you want to put or out instructions on the app too for other people to see.

Who would like to use this app?

A lot of people would like to use it if they need some creative ideas on how to do things.