United States Government Visual

Tamya, Amelia, Dana, Arielle

The United States Government is a Republic Democracy, just like Rome. The United States is made up of a Tripartite (3 branches of Government). Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, and Judicial Branch.

Key Words To Learn/Know

Civil Law- Written law that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the citizens and the government.

Tripartite- A type of government that has three parts, in the USA its Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.

Elected Officials-People who are elected by citizens to run the government on their behalf.

Civic Duty-Refers to the people of a country having a responsibility to help make the city or or country successful.

Checks and Balances-Separation of power preventing one group, within a government from becoming too powerful. Example: President can “VETO” and bill passed by Congress.

Republic- A form of government based on written laws and where citizens hold the power to elect their leaders

Representative Democracy-Often times called a republic this is a form of government where officials are elected to speak on citizens behalf. Form of government the United States used today.