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First you pick what color  you want.then you pick the shape you want for the kite.after you done makeing the kite draw a cross in the middle of the kite.put the colors that you pick and color the areas that you want .then make your tail and make it a diffrent color then the kite. These are your supplies: sticks( any type of sticks ), markers,stickers,tissue sheets, string,paper and thats it.......

Kite Blueprint

First your have to get your tools.... these are the tools you will need......

1.crayola colors,markers

2. feathers (etc)


4.pens and pencils

5.sticks (you can get them from hobby lobby,micheals,etc...)



8.tissue paper

come on and join us !!!!!!!!!!

come and join us and you will love to see how we make our kites !!!!!

History of Kites

long time ago........

The earliest written accounts of kite flying were the exploits of chinese general han hsin, han dnasty (206 B.C.,-220 A.D.). During one military campaign, the general was said to have had a kite flown above a besieged town to calculate the measurement, his troops surprised their enemy and were victorious.

The popularity of kite flying spread from china along trade routes to korea,india,and japan. They arrived korea in the period of the three kingdoms (4-645 A.D.) General gim yu sin was ordered to subdue a during the silla dynasty (595-673A.D.), his trops refused to fight back..

the measurement ...

This how you get your measurement

first you have to cut in the middle of the diamond to make two diamonds so then you have to make sure you have your numbers 20x10=200 that's your surface ..................

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