Houston Texas

by: Abigail Thill

Humans and their envionment

In Houston there is one major natural resource. It is oil. The weather down there is not too cold and not too hot. The wormest is 94.4F (34.7C). the coldest is 53.1F (11.7C). Down in Houston Texas there is olny one major industry and that is energy.

Physical Features

Houston lies near the Gulf of Mexico. The waterway of San Jacinto River encompassed by the man-made ship channel of Houston. In the past 40 years Houston has been hit by 2 hurricanes. Carla in 1960 and Alicia in 1983

Transportation, Clothes and food

Transportation: some major transportation in houstion is by car, the metro, airplanes, bikes and a ferry.

Clothing: some clothing you would want to ware is a light jacket, long pants and a long sleeve shirt. You also might ware are a short sleeve shirt and shorts.

Food: some foods you might eat there are BBQ pork spring rollm, thai dumplings and beans.

Tourist Places

There are a lot of places to visite while your at Houston Texas. Here are 5 of them. 1. The Galleria, 2. Kemah Boaredwalk, 3. Downtown Aquarium, 4. Houstons zoo and 5. The Rothko Chaple.

Houston Zoo

They have over 6000 animals there. There are over 1.84 millon people who visite the animals each year.

Rothko Chapel

The Rothko Chapel is an independent insitution. It is a sacred place open to all people everyday.

About the Region

In Houston they speack 3 diffeerent kinds of language. English, Spanish and French. There are alot of different kinds of Ethnicity. Im only gonna name 2, Haspanic and Latino. There are 6 different kinds of religon. 18.44 percent are catholic, 1.10 percent are LDS, 9.25 percent are other crishtion faith, 0.53 percent are jewish, 0.63 percent are easteren faith, and 2.86 percent are isiam

Interesting facts

Houston has 2.3 millon people living there. It is the 4th most popular city in the U.S.A. According to Forbes Houston rankes first among the U.S where there paycheacks stretch furthest.

The City of Houston, Texas 2010