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December 2021

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The GT department seeks to meet the needs of our parents. Please help us by filling out the Parent Form below. We have added two questions that are designed to help us discover what you want to see and read about each month. Our hope is to keep our newsletter relevant and meaningful to you! Thank you in advance for your help!

Answers to Parent Questions

What can I do at home to foster my child’s gifts and talents?

Each month use the GT Parent Newsletter to ask your child about the work they have been doing in small group. Don't forget to review the links and events that might be of interest to you and your child in this newsletter.

My one recommendation is that you let your child be a kid (be silly, make mistakes, allow creativity and exploration)...and while they are busy having fun as a kid, you promote their love of learning by asking open-ended questions. Keep them curious and allow them to dive into interests and learn about them. There can always be a great question to ask your child and a problem for them to solve! Just find that learning opportunity in your everyday moments!

CLICK HERE for Open-ended Questions

53 open-ended questions that will get kids talking. Here is another resource for working with your child at home.


5th Grade

In December, fifth-graders extended their learning in our anti-bullying lesson. We focused on decimal operations and calculated how much revenue the university would acquire by selling the shirts. We even had a quick business discussion about profit and cost of goods sold. Ultimately, students were able to determine how much money the university would be donating to an anti-bullying campaign. We wrapped up our module by returning to our fifth-grade competency related to advocacy. Students shared examples of what they need to do to advocate for themselves and how they can be courageous to speak up for themselves when needed. They created a tweet with an anti-bullying message to promote kindness and compassion for others.

4th Grade

Fourth graders were busy this month designing the perfect snowman for the mayor of Knoxville. Students used their GT competency to help make a plan to create the best snowman. Students were challenged to stay within a budget of $25 and a weight of less than 50 pounds. They were able to select from a large assortment of items to make their snowman truly unique. After designing the snowman, students created a sales pitch to let the mayor know why their snowman was the best one for Knoxville.

3rd Grade

Third graders learned all about critical thinking in the month of December. Our Clue Me In module teaches students about critical thinking and models for them how to implement the steps of critical thinking to solve a puzzle. Students then put their critical thinking skills to use when analyzing a math challenge to determine the correct answer based on their knowledge of place value and clues provided.

2nd Grade

Second graders learned about our competency this month focusing on others’ perspectives. They read the story, They All Saw a Cat, which shows how a variety of animals each have a different perspective of a cat. Then, students discussed how the animals saw the cat and why. Students talked about the importance of recognizing others’ perspectives and why we should be aware of different points of view. Then, students practiced writing about what one of the animals might say about the cat based on that animal’s perspective.
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Visit this website for some fun winter STEM activities, math logic puzzles, and recommendations of winter books for kids!

Tessa Arwe from Spring Hill Elementary

Tessa describes her GT experience below.

GT is where talented kids from 2nd to 5th grades learn about extra life helping problems. So far in 3rd grade GT I have learned:

  • Abstract Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Real-Life Math Problems

What I think of GT so far is that it is very fun to learn in my extra time. We also get to see and work with other 3rd graders at a time other than recess. I hope I am in GT in 4th grade!