No Promises in the Wind

Desire to Escape

No Promises in the Wind

The title of the book describes how there wont be promises to make everything better to where Josh and his little brother Joey, are headed. He is wanting to escape from all the confusion, frustration, and the disappointment coming from his dad and the Chicago company. But, he doesn't know anything, he's all alone and doesn't know what is out past the Chicago wind. He cant promise that he and his brother will find what they are hoping for, if he and Joey will even make it.

Man vs. Society and Man vs. Self

These are the conflicts in the story because, it's Josh and Joey against the world, and Josh and Joey against their own self confidence in making it without Howie. During the journey they are going to get looked down on and underestimated by the way they appear. It was hard for them to accept Howie's death and having to move away from that, made them struggle even more, having them seem more helpless and scared.

Josh's Perpective and thoughts

Josh thinks that his journey is harder than he thought. He originally thought it would help his life and make it easier, but without Howie and a home, he is helpless.

Josh is a strong individual with a smart outlook on life but tends to underestimate whats going to happen and how its going to go. Just like he underestimated Joey and his singing. Josh really didn't want Joey to come along but he really felt that he just needed to leave because of his father.


Joey decided to tag along and had no idea what he got himself into. He's a fragile and less active little boy and positive about most things, but he seems to be the only thing holding Josh together.