Mrs. Baker's Educational Philosophy

Bose Ikard Elementary

Teaching Inspirations

I realized that I wanted to become a teacher while sitting in my Algebra II class in High School. The feeling of disengagement that I had with the course and the teacher inspired me to become a better teacher. From that day I have envisioned myself changing the typical mold of teaching. I am passionate about giving each child that I have the confidence and ability to become a productive citizen in their life. My greatest contributions since I have been teaching was when I received a handwritten letter from a former student thanking me for loving him and giving him the confidence that he can accomplish anything he wanted to. He finally passed his state assessment test and he wanted me to know that. This young boy was only in 6th grade and I had him in 1st grade.

Teaching Philosophy

Being a 1st grade teacher I am their first step of developing their potential of becoming life long learners. I believe that instilling in each child the confidence and the ability of their own learning will prepare them to be a competitive attribute in our global community. On a daily basis in my classroom you will see a facilitator that will offer a stress free environment that is conducive to learning. Knowing that I have started the foundation of a child to have confidence, critical thinking, communication and empathy I know that each child that I have will become a productive citizen that everyone inspires to be.