This Week in Geometry

September 7 - September 11


We have finished week 2 and I will be updating grades throughout this weekend. Just a few reminders about grades:

- If there is a * symbol for the grade, that means that the student was absent or not yet enrolled when that assignment was given. This is NOT hurting their grade in any way

- If you see a zero (0) for the assignment, the assignment is currently missing and needs to be turned in for partial credit

- I routinely write comments next to any * or 0 that I put into the gradebook so that you and I know why that grade was assigned

Blackboard and Tutoring

Students should have a Blackboard account online. It can be accessed via the main Crowley website. They can find it by going to the parents and students tab at the bottom of the website and then clicking on Blackboard. The login is their ID number for both the username and password. On Blackboard, I add calendar entries every day for what was done in class. I also store copies of all handouts and included pictures of their notebook so they can keep up with work they miss. Finally, there are videos on Blackboard if they need to view them for a little extra help.

Also, if students are struggling, I am available for tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. If your student needs help during that time, they only need to let me know that day during class and I will make sure they get a pass to stay after school.


Every student should have a laptop by now. We will be using them from time to time in our class, so they need to make sure they have them with them every day. Students also should make sure the laptops are charged and ready to go when they are needed. We will start small in class, using them for things like exit tickets and some in-class assignments.

This Week In Geometry

  • Monday is Labor Day and is a school holiday - don't forget!
  • We will be working on constructions using a compass and straightedge. We will work on constructing congruent angles, congruent segments, and bisectors (of angles and segments)
  • We will begin logical proofs and arguments towards the end of this week


If you have any questions about anything on this flyer, the class, or your student's progress in class, don't hesitate to email me: