Got the Story and Main Ideas?

Life Is A Dream

Put this on a smart board. Discuss.

1. Why do Rosaura and Clarín come to Poland?

2. Why is Rosaura dressed as a man at the beginning of the play?

3. Who is Segismundo?

4. Why is Segismundo in prison?

5. Why does Clotaldo recognize Rosaura’s sword?

6. What does Astolfo want and how does he try to get it?

7. What is Basilio’s plan for testing Segismundo’s character?

8. How does Segismundo act when he is brought to the court?

9. Why does Estrella insist on seeing Astolfo’s locket?

10. When Segismundo is imprisoned again, what do the Polish people do?

11. Segismundo agrees to oust Basilio. What does he say matters most?

12. What does Rosaura ask Segismundo to do?

13. What does Basilio learn from Clarín on the battlefield?

14. Why does Segismundo pledge his allegiance to Basilio?

15. Does Rosaura regain her honor? Explain.

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