Muck the System

Senior Editors: Bobby Drysdale, Jim Murray and Chris Rivas

Tyson Foods Turning Men into Cannibals!

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This title will lead the public to believe that the tyson food company is somehow turning men cannibalistic and will be intrigued/scared. However what they will read is how the poor safety standards and health standards have resulted in missing fingers and other extremities that end up in the meat. So in actuality, the title isn't so far fetched but it is not what the reader expected it to be.
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Citizens killed every Block!

This article will entice the reader with an article about rampant murder or whatever, but in actuality they will read about the abusive practices in prisons which will aim to reform those abusive practices, such as shackles, beatings and the for-profit systems implemented such as blood donations that were sold to hospitals, or farms basically run by slaves. The block by block is going to mean the city blocks to the reader but actually mean cell blocks in the article.