iStation Reports

What reports should I pull?

Individual Assessment Data

Description of Instructional Tiers

  • Tier 1: Students performing at grade level
  • Tier 2: Students performing moderately below grade level and in need of intervention
  • Tier 3: Students performing seriously below grade level and in need of intensive intervention

Skill Growth By Tier Report

Instructional Tier Goals

The objective of ISIP™ is to identify students potentially at risk of reading failure. Estimated ability level indices are used from each subtest to determine a student's overall estimated reading ability index. The student's overall reading ability index is used as the dividing line to determine students potentially at risk. Skill goals and criteria become progressively more difficult with each assessment period.

Step 4:

Click on the [+] by the month you want to look at. While looking at this assessment, you can see how long they spent on the whole assessment. You can also see which questions they got right/wrong, which answers they picked, and how long it took them to answer the question.
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