Component 2C

Managing classroom procedures

Quest Overview

  • In this quest, you will learn about Danielson component 2C.
  • You will read about the Danielson component 2C (understanding what it is, why it is important, what the elements are embedded within the component, and ways you can show it in your digital portfolio).
  • The explore part of this quest you will complete a write up for Component 2C in your digital portfolio. To document your learning, you will take a screenshot of your write up in your digital portfolio and upload it to My GCC.
  • The second part of the explore piece is to create an educator account in Canva.
  • This Quest should take you no more than two hours to complete at most.


The guiding questions for this quest include:

  • What is component 2C?
  • Why is it important?
  • What are the elements associated with component 2C?
  • What are the artifacts you can create to demonstrate competency in component 2C in your digital portfolio?
  • What is canva?

Understanding Component 2C: Managing classroom procedures

What is Component 2C?

  • Creating an orderly schedule for the class provides students with an established and expected routine to follow.
  • Not only does it provide structure of the school day for the teacher, but also the students.
  • A classroom that functions smoothly, effectively, and efficiently is a prerequisite to quality instruction.
  • It also provides students with an environment that allows them to flourish. It is key to have a positive, orderly, and consistent classroom environment.

Why do we need to know about component 2C?

  • Component 2C is important, because:
    • Transitions and non instructional tasks (attendance, lunch tickets, field trip forms, missed work, make up work, etc) need to completed in a way that is effective and efficient.
    • These non instructional duties also cannot take up valuable instructional time.
    • Based on established routines, classrooms need to be able to run themselves.
    • Students also need to learn how to work in groups that are productive and meaningful.


Possible artifacts

Artifacts for component 2C could include the following:
  • Students are engaged and genuinely care about what they are doing and learning.
  • Teacher encourages higher order thinking skills during a lesson.
  • Teacher provides high expectations for students to follow
  • Student work is displayed
  • Visual aides are provided to assist learners.


Danielson, C. (2007). Enhancing professional practice a framework for teaching (2nd ed.). Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Explore Part 1

  • Open your component 2C page in your digital portfolio
  • Upload a screenshot of your digital portfolio component 2C with write up to My GCC.
  • Be sure to publish your website!
  • Complete a write up on your component 2C page that describes in your words and citing Danielson to the following questions:
  1. What is component 2C?
  2. Why do you need it?
  3. What are the elements?
  4. What are some artifacts you can use to show competency with component 2C?
  • Try to be original here don't just write down my ideas. Include materials that you may have from other classes.

Explore Part 2

  • Go to
  • Click Sign up
  • Select Education
  • Now you have an educator account for canva! Feel free to play with the website a bit. Please note we will be going over it in class.
  • Contact your virtual co-op to see what you can create for him/her using canva.
  • CC Dr. Fecich on the email.