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Apple launched the iPhone, to buy or not , you 've seen

Finally, two new iPhone at Apple 's very intejarinam iPhone 5S and launched the iPhone 5C . This has both the iPhone 5C five shades and with a contract value of $ 99 . Due to the low cost of the iPhone , but iPhone users can use the emerging countries in general . The company's CEO Tim Cooke kyupartino PC launch event held at the headquarters .

In terms of display , Apple has disappointed the people , who like phebaleta with a large screen . Incanam world where 5 and 6 are going to move toward smartphones , there are still 4 -inch screen on Apple 's atakeli .

iPhone 5 esani In the main it instead of the previous two to three shades recalled . Apple is sticking to its old policy of price . IPhone 5 esanam 16 GB variant of the value of $ 649 ( around Rs 41500 ) , 32 GB variant of the value of $ 749 ( around Rs 50,000 ) and the 64 GB variant of the value of $ 849 ( Rs 57000 a). Due to the excessive cost of the phone in the market place , Apple will have to make a very hard job .

On the other hand, given cheap iPhone kharidanaraoe to 5C will have to spend a substantial amount . A look behind the scenes reveals that the price of this phone is not cheap . Unlock SIM variant of the price of its 16GB and 32 GB variant of the value of $ 549 to $ 649 or more is high .

Cheap iPhone 5C claim in PC technology has been used in the iPhone 5 . According to the company, the same as the cheaper iPhone iPhone 5 A6 processor is used . The battery is slightly larger than the iPhone 5 .

8 megapixel rear camera in the iPhone 5C . According to the company's new HD Face Time feature on the front of it is also claimed that the company supports more pixels .
4 -inch Retina display in the iPhone 5c . Its body is made ​​of hard coated polikarbonetani .

iPhone 5c will be available in five different colors . U. 2 year contract with the 16GB version of the phone's value at $ 99 and the 32GB version will cost 199 dollars . The 16 GB version without a contract price of $ 549 ( Rs 35000 ) will

iPhone 5c LTE bands in the world, more than any other smartphone , the Apple say . The phone is the new FaceTime HD camera . Phone polikarboneta bodies around the steel frame , which makes the phone look more attractive .

The event , Apple has launched its iPhone 5s . In the A7 chip for Apple iPhone 5 is esani . The chip in the Apple 's latest operating system, iOS 7 has also made ​​several changes . September 13 will be available for pre- order on the phone . The 16 GB version at $ 199 and the 32GB version cost price of $ 299 to $ 399 and the 64GB version will cost .

iPhone 5s Touch ID with name, fingerprint scanner , which is used to unlock a phone or PC Online store Apps , music , books , etc. can be used to make a purchase . Using this feature, the iPhone security problems can be solved to an extent . Finger Print Scanner is a feature of the phone's lock can be opened only its haranguer finger print scan is the same .

iPhone 5 silver , and gold like the slate has three colors . In addition, Apple has designed its 6 colors Legra case . The Badge , Black , Blue , Brown , Yellow and red are the colors .

There have been many upgrades to the iPhone 5s camera . In order to take better photographs , including some automatic features . The larger pixels , which helps to capture more light . Flash camera features a two tone , so it does not conflict in any room or in person skinanam .
iPhone 5s in the new Burst Mode, Slo-Mo video with 120 fps, better low light performance and audio-only FaceTime calls for a FaceTime HD included . The iSight camera image stebelaijhesana name of the pikcaramanthi blur and slow motion video cameras to remove six .

The company said that the fingerprint does not store its server .
Payment for the fingerprint scanner for Apple to launch a new source of revenue that can be generated . The new iPhone will be available before the end of this year . Apple's next mobile operating system iOS 7 to September 18 can be downloaded for free in . The new OS and its later models of the iPhone 4 and iPad 2 tablets later on can be downloaded .

According to PC next month it expected to sell 70 million divaisanam keep . According to CEO Tim kukani anticipated iOS 7 will become the world's most popular operating system . If the investor has nothing to do with this matter , the PC stocks , given the fluctuations observed . During the launch event at $ 503.10 per PC per share of $ 3.17 were.

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