zach's lie

by Roland Smith

summary of book

Some guys break into jack's house. Jack's mom tells the police about it. they have to move and change their names. they move to Elko, Nevada. Jack gets a girlfriend named Cat. The guys that threaten them find them and start looking for them
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Jack/Zach (main character), Cat (Zach's girlfriend), Sam (school custodian), Wanda (Zach's sister), Patrica ( Zach's mom), Alonzo ( bad guy)

more stuff about the characters

protagonist: Zach

antagonist: Alonzo

I think it is a good book. I would recommend this book. I recommend it because it was exciting. Also it there was never a dull moment. It was also action packed.
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Roland Smith's bio

He was born in Portland, Oregon. he was given a old manual typewriter when he was 5. At Portland State University he got a part time job at a zoo. This led him to a 20 year job working with animals. He got bored working with animals and turned to writing full time. He has been writing ever sense.

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