Welcome to 5th Grade!;D

A new journey awaits you.


The first part of your 5th grade adventure is PBL. I really liked PBL because it was something different from most of the other stuff in 5th grade. We did a PBL on survival after we read the book Hatchet by Gary Pualsen. After we did that one, a few months later we did one about a trip to a region in the USA. The PBL about survival is more stressful because all four of you are working on the exact came thing. It can make your brain explode!(ha ha!) Yet it is all a good experience. You'll love PBL in 5th grade.

Starting Arts

Then next part of your journey is Starting Arts. Starting Arts is a supper fun experience you will never ever forget. It was a fun activity that rewarded us for all the hard work that week. Every activity was different and everyone was good at least one improve game/ skit. We did "The Cat on the Mat", "Pinky Ponky", and a few more AMAZING ones! You will love Starting Arts.

The Biography Tea

The Biography Tea was an interesting event. It was stressful because many people were coming to my desk and asking me questions while I was Pretending to be Deborah Sampson. Yet it is still really fun! Plus at the end you get to have some yummy refreshments. I hope you like the Biography Tea.