Caste System

BY: Byron Branch, Cory Stucker, and Colton Rodems

What is the caste?

The caste is an important part of a Hindu's life . There is an extremely limited mobility between castes; members of castes eat with, interact with, and marry only members of their own caste.

How is a caste chosen?

Groups are assigned at birth and not by personality, Hindus believe that people are different and everyone belongs in a certain place in society.
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What kind of caste are there?

There are many caste but the top 3 are Brahmin - the seers, and the reflective ones often priests or holy ones.

Kshatriyas - protectors of society, politicians, police, or military.

Vaisyas - producers, craftsmen, and farmers. Today's merchants.

The caste system causes India to go back thousands of years ago.

The caste system is a style of government country used thousands of years ago. People are born into a class. They are divided among caste and have to stay in their caste and can't change.
In the caste system they are not treated equal.

the higher class in the caste system have killed and treated the lower class with no respect. They threaten, kill, and beatin the lower class for pointless reasons.