The Amish

By: Emily Dahlgren

History of the Amish

  • The Amish followed the Anabaptist movement of 1625 until in 1693 they formed their own group
  • In the 1800-1900 they moved to North America and often settle in similar areas as the Anabaptists

Amish Followers/Statistics

  • Almost all of the Amishes followers live in the US
  • They also live in the canadian province of Ontario
  • There are about 282,000 followers in the world

When, Where, and How Do The Amish Worhsip

  • They worship in member houses each and every sunday
  • The Amish worship in houses because in the 1500s Anabaptists were being persecuted so worshipping in public was too risky
  • They worship together in large groups

The Amish Beliefs

  • The Amish Believe in individual bible study
  • They believe they should a life free of sin after adult baptism
  • The Amish believe in the values of humility, family, and community
  • They also believe in seperation from the world
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Interesting Fact

  • Their first language is pensylvanian dutch
  • They also learn english in school