Barclay Bulletin

November 3, 2019

Veterans Day Recognition

We have our Veterans Day recognition on Friday, November 22, 2019. The flyer we sent home did have two different dates listed, sorry for any confusion this may have caused. You can access the corrected flyer below.

No Family Cafe Availability on Tuesday and Thursday

We will be holding our Bucket Filler celebrations during lunches on Tuesday and Thursday this week, so there will be no lunch availability for family members on those dates. Remember to send in a note or call if you or a family member plans to come in for lunch so we can notify you if there is an event being held in the family cafe.

Dictionary Day

Members of the Brockport Elks Lodge presented third graders with personal dictionaries this past Monday. The Elks talked with students about the importance of building their vocabularies before the books were distributed. Every third grader received their own dictionary to help them as they progress through Brockport schools. The photo below was taken with one group of students during the presentation.
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