61 Cygni A

By- Anushya Alandur

AKA- The Flying Star or Bessel's Star


Giuseppe Piazzi



Star- stars are huge balls of hydrogen and helium

Luminosity- the amount of energy or power released from a star due to nuclear fusion.

Absolute Magnitude- the magnitude of a star as it would appear to a hypothetical observer at a distance of 10 parsecs or 32.6 light- years.

Apparent Magnitude - a measure of a star's brightness as seen by an observer on Earth adjusted to the value it would have been without an atmosphere.

Light Year- the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum

Basic Information

Mass- 0.7 solar mass

Diameter-0.48-1.05 solar diameter

Luminosity-0.09 Lsun

Temperature- 4450K

Age- 5.1- 7.1 Gigayears

Apparent magnitude- 5.21 V

Absolute magnitude-7.48 V

1. Visible to the naked Eye

Other facts

  • 11.4 light years away from the Earth.
  • Part of the constellation Cygnus.
  • In the Milky Way Galaxy
  • 72% of the Sun's diameter
  • Part of spectral class K
  • Color- yellow-orange
  • Stellar Evolution- orange dwarf
  • Surrounded by Cepheus, Draco, Lacerta, Lyra, Pegasus and Vulpecula.

2. Part of a binary solar system with 61 cygni B