The battle of Plymouth

A civil war history

It was from April 17th through April 20th 1864

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Washington, United States of America

The purpose

At 4p.m. on April 17th, 1864, an advanced union patrol on the Washington Road was captured by Confederate cavalry. A company of the 12th N. Y. Cavalry attacked the Confederates, but was repulsed. Soon a large force of Confederate infantry appeared on the Washington Road, and at the same time Fort Gray, two miles above Plymouth on the river bank, was attacked by advanced Confederate infantry. Confederate forces captured Fort Comfort, driving defenders into Fort Williams. On April 20, the Garrison surrendered. about 3000 Garrison men and 5000 Confederate men.

Important people , General Robert F and General Henry W. Wessells

Their living conditions

They did not have good living conditions because of the War dust affected their lungs, the guns killed people, they could not sleep, etc... So they did not have good living conditions at all.
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