About The Grizzlies

Grizzly Bears are Endangered

I'm pretty sure we are all familiar with the grizzly bear. Their body length is just over 200 cm, and they can weigh up to 825 pounds. Grizzlies have a hump on their back, which is how you know its a grizzly. They are usually peaceful animals, and run from danger, but they have a short temper. The breeding season for grizzlies are in June & July. The male will spend a month mating with her, and then leave. Bears have a life span from 15 to more than 30 years in the wild.

Did you knot that these animals are endangered? They can be found in Canada, Alaska, and in reserves in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington, USA. The grizzly bear can be found in deserted rivers, mountains, thick and dense forests, open meadows, and large valleys.

The bears' only other enemies are bears and humans. They are hunted primarily as game animals in spring and fall. They are hunted illegally both by landowners-who think they are a threat- and by poachers interested in their bodies. There is a growing world medical market for bear parts. There are about 25, 000 grizzlies left in Canada.

Some organizations that try helping the grizzlies are: The Grizzly People, Sierra Club Canada, WCS, and CPAWS. To help the grizzlies we can support a wildlife conservation. Did you know we could also adopt a grizzly bear?

Grizzly bears are not as bad as some people think they are. They are not deadly, unless provoked. Grizzly bears should be protected more.