Jack Anderson Elementary

November 16-20, 2020

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Sumner Virtual Academy (SVA) Enrollment for the 3rd Nine Weeks

The open enrollment window for SVA for the 3rd nine weeks opens on November 16th at 8:00 AM. It will close on November 30th at 3:00 PM. If you are considering enrolling for SVA or returning to in-person school for the 3rd nine weeks, please visit the link below for additional information.


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Google Classroom Expectations

On the Sumner Connect website, you will find step-by-step instructions regarding logging on to Google Classroom. The link to the instructions is below. Also, please review the Google Classroom at Home Expectations for JAE.


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Hendersonville Swat Team at JAE on Saturday 11/21

The Hendersonville Police Department will be using JAE for training on Saturday, November 21, 2020. If you drive by the school and see multiple police cars, please don't be alarmed!
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In previous years, we have been so excited to welcome families into our building to have Thanksgiving lunch with your student. As expected, we will not be able to host families this year. Students enjoyed a "Friendsgiving" meal during lunch on Friday. Please know that we are thankful for you. You are a key member in your child’s success. You are valued and appreciated!

Staff Appreciation Day is Friday, November 20th!

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News from the Jack Anderson PTO

Annual Moms' Night Out Christmas Party


Mark your calendars for our annual Moms’ Night Out Christmas Party coming up on December 7th at Jonathan’s!🎄🎁


Next Spirit Day November 20!

Our next Spirit Day will be on November 20th!


The deadline for pre-order purchase has been extended to Wednesday, November 18th.

There are some cool new items in the spirit shop!

You can complete and return the order form, or you can purchase online.

You can also order online by clicking on the link below!


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Reading is Fundamental- RIF Day November 20

RIF enables children to select new, age-appropriate books to take home and own and is supported by resources for parents, educators, and local literacy advocates to create a continuous focus on reading. This program enables participating children to select books to take home and own and relies on a simple yet fundamental truth, if you allow children choice and access, they will become more engaged readers and learners.

Over 40 million children nationwide have had the opportunity to experience the power and excitement of this program.

In partnership with RIF, Dollar General has provided funding for hundreds of books for our students.

On November 20th, each student at JAE (even our virtual students!) will have the opportunity to choose 3 books. Just in time for Thanksgiving break!

Holiday Assistance for Our Families

This time of year can be incredibly difficult. If possible, we would like to help. If your family is in need of holiday meals or assistance, please call or email Alissa Beasley. All information will remain confidential.



carline reminder: put your phone away while vehicles are in motion

Each morning and afternoon, we constantly see distracted drivers. Please help us keep ALL students and staff members safe. Put your phones down while your vehicle is in motion. This is a state law, and it will be enforced on our campus.

Quarantine Information Tab on the JAE Website


Please visit the JAE Website to find information and resources during quarantine.

If a member of your household is Covid positive, your child must quarantine at home for 14 days from the onset of symptoms or the date of a positive test.

Absences due to Covid will be excused with a parent's or doctor's note.

If a student has close contact with a Covid positive individual, the 14-day quarantine period at must be completed.

If a member of your household is Covid positive, please contact Mrs. Sanders or Nurse Amanda Elliott.



Carline: Arrival

Thank you so much for getting your students to school on time and for cooperating with us by adhering to the following drop-off guidelines:

  • Car riders may enter the building at 8:10.
  • Parents, please stay in your vehicles. Students should be ready to exit the vehicle as soon as the vehicles come to a complete stop.
  • Do not park in the front or side parking lots to avoid the carline. Families who purchased "First in Line" spots at the auction are the only ones who can park by the K-1 playground to unload students.
  • Please pull as far forward as possible before unloading your students. We have staff members outside in the mornings directing traffic so we can efficiently and effectively unload cars. Mrs. Bradley calculated that we are able to unload approximately 35 students every 2 minutes when the line is running smoothly. That is amazing!
  • Per state law, phones should not be in use while driving unless they are hands-free.

Carline: Dismissal

We are loading TONS of vehicles in record time during dismissal thanks to your help. Please continue to help us by following these guidelines:

  • Dismissal begins at 3:40.
  • Parents, please do not get out of your vehicles.
  • While on campus, drive slowly, carefully and observe your surroundings
  • Two lanes form at the edge of the playground. Take advantage of the outside lane. 80% of our car riders live on the other side of Shute Lane.
  • If you are in the outside lane, do not turn around in the bus entrance to avoid driving toward Cages Bend Road. You are blocking buses, and you are breaking the rules.
  • Between 3:30 and 3:45 a class of students is dismissed from the back of the building. If your child is not dismissed from the back of the building, do not enter the parking area at the back. Please be courteous to the vehicles entering or leaving the back parking area in the afternoons. If you see a vehicle traveling in an unusual direction, but a staff member has waved them through, there is a reason.


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Jack Anderson Elementary School Re-Entry Plan

Here Comes the Bus App

What Do I Do If My Child Has Been Exposed to a Covid-19 Positive Family Member or Friend?

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Masks Are Required for All Students Who Ride the Bus

Sumner County Pathway to Re-Entry

All students who ride the bus are required to wear a mask.

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