Self-Managed Super Funds

Improving your retirement with Self-Managed Super Funds

Planning your retirement can be very stressful - making sure you have everything covered can be a nightmare. However, services such as superannuation can make your path to achieving your goals in later life a whole lot easier. Superannuation encompasses a range of options including sharing transactions, tax planning, gearing strategies and personal risk insurance. Having such a comprehensive range of choices can make life a lot easier and affords you freedom in ways you might not have realised.

One option to consider is to take control of your own investments with a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). This is a very popular way of taking care of various responsibilities - you can also request expert advice if needed, which can help with complex financial reports and regulations. One of the biggest benefits of using this kind of superannuation is that it allows you to take control of your retirement savings and have greater control in the handling of the money itself – whether you’re interested in shares, term investments, property or other money-growing ventures.

You can also take advantage of strict licensing requirements and obtain regular reporting in order to make more informed decisions, based on taxation legislation. These tax strategies allow you to have greater control and flexibility over the management of the funds within your retirement phase. It is recommended you use professional guidance before embarking on SMSF due to the huge amount of legislation surrounding taxation and constant changes to tax laws in Australia. You want to reduce the overall tax burden, not therefore increase it.

In short, you make the final decision when it comes to controlling your benefits and build a strategy that will be the most useful for you and your family. Being able to have the choice between regarding your retirements and investments is a definite advantage.

If you would like an open-ended solution to take control of your funds, with the right amount of flexibility with your investments, why not try Self-Managed Super Funds? Find a strategy that suits your needs before and after retirement and have that peace of mind that when you you’re close to finishing your working career – with all the hard work already completed.