HRE Weekly Bulletin

September 23rd to September 27th

This Week at a Glance...

  • Mon, Sept 23rd: Tornado Drill
  • Tue, Sept 24th: School Improvement Team Meeting, 8:00
  • Tue, Sept 24th: September PBIS Reward in the gym, 2:15
  • Thur, Sept 26th: Admin Team Focus Group Meeting, 2:00
  • Fri, Sept 27th: School Spirit Day
  • Fri, Sept 27th: Testing Security Agreement Due (All Staff...see below)

Upcoming Tornado Drill

Don't forget to review this procedure with your students. The proper position your students should be in is pictured above. Radios should remain on channel one during the entire drill. If you have any questions please let Will know.

Next Week at a Glance...

  • Mon, Sept 30th: State Safety Conference (Will)
  • Tue, Oct 1st: State Safety Conference (Will)
  • Wed, Oct 2nd: Staff Meeting, 8:00 (Computer Lab)
  • Fri, Oct 4th: School Spirit Day
  • Fri, Oct 4th: Early Student Dismissal, 12:01
  • Fri, Oct 4th: Staff Lunch provided by PTO, 12:15
  • Fri, Oct 4th: Staff PD Session, 1:00 - 4:00

October Staff Meeting

Our staff meeting, on October 2nd, will be lead by our HSE21 team and will focus on Blackboard training. The focus is for classroom teachers, but others are welcome to attend as well. We will be meeting in the computer lab.

October PD Day

Our 1/2 day PD session, on October 4th, will be focused on NWEA. Krista Clanin, our new TDS, will be leading the session. Teachers will have the opportunity to look at report options, make sense of their data, and look at other available resources within NWEA.

Don't forget that our awesome PTO is providing lunch for staff starting at 12:15!

Congrats Sheri Benscoter!

Resource IA, Sheri Benscoter, was caught showing Purpose by Mrs. Grayson this week. Mrs. Benscoter is always willing to help out as needed...even with heavy lifting!

Be sure to nominate a colleague this week who you catch "Getting a GRIP"!

Indiana Testing Security and Integrity Agreement

It is that time of year again for our staff members that may administer, proctor, or come in contact with DOE testing (ECA, ISTEP, IREAD, LAS Links, Acuity, IMAST and ISTAR) to watch the 16 minute training video. Essentially, this means EVERY staff member needs to complete this task.

When you are done viewing it, you need to sign the form that Kate placed in your mailbox (also included in Kate's email) and return it to the green folder on Cathy's desk. Be sure to sign the check-list to verify you've returned the form. Even if you watched this last year you will need to watch again this year (clean slate). Signed forms are due to Cathy by the end of the day on Friday, September 27th!

Please follow the link below to access the video.

PTO Clearance Sale!

If you are interested in purchasing...

Contact the PTO spirit wear representative, Nikki Zimmerman at...

New Intercom Safety Feature comes to HRE

As an added safety feature, each classroom phone can now access the intercom system. You simply hit the "Call 4" button on your phone and you will hear a beep. After the beep you may speak into your phone and you will be heard over the PA system. This will enable ANY staff member in Any location to call for a lockdown or any other safety procedure.

In case you didn't notice, Angie Morgan called the lockdown drill from her room during our last man made disaster drill. Please feel free to try this out before or after school at some point so you are familiar with the feature.

Lucky Winners!

PTO would like to thank all of those who were able to help out at last week's carnival. It was a huge success and they raised over $11,000.00 for HRE! All volunteers were entered into a drawing for some prizes. The following staff members were the lucky winners...

  • Mrs. Avery, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. Striegel - Pizza from Little Caesars
  • Mrs. Gue - Complimentary Concessions @ Hamilton Town Center IMAX
  • Mrs. Fisher - Complimentary appetizer and dessert at the RAM
  • Mrs. Buzzard and Mr. Foreman - Complimentary app and Pizza @ Stacked Pickle
  • Mrs. Murray - $25 Meijer gift card

Prizes have been placed in your mail box. Thanks again for all your support of the HRE PTO!

Yearly Health Information Review

Recently you received an email from our school nurses Kelly and Shawn. The email contains several attachments that our building staff is required to review and sign off on.

They attached the blood borne and allergy information along with diabetes and seizure information. Just as an FYI...we currently have students will all three of these health concerns in our building. Please let them know if you have any questions or would like for them to review any sections of the power points with you.

After viewing the power points, please print the “Faculty Health In-service Sheet”, fill it out and return it to their mailbox. Completed forms are due on Friday, September 27th.

Be sure to visit the HSE21 site!