The Manning Weekly Newsletter

October 26, 2018

Dear Families,

This entire Fall Fest week has been a blast, with a ton of school spirit, dress up days, access basket preparations, door decoration competitions, the chili cook-off, silent auction, and of course, the Halloween dance. Our PTA as well as Ms. Mendez and the Student Council really did an amazing job organizing everything. It was so much fun seeing our students reveal their alter egos as they dressed up in such a variety of amazing costumes on Friday night! Thank you to all the Manning staff who came out and helped supervise all the activities. Our kids had a blast - in fact, I don't think I can recall seeing a single frown. It was also great hosting all our Manning families in the building at the same time, enjoying "adult" festivities.

This exciting week boosted our school spirit, so let’s do our best to keep the momentum going. Although our students will no longer be dressing up in wacky outfits, keep in mind that coming to school should be enjoyable for everyone, and in many cases, learning can be fun! That being said, our commitment is to continue to create a friendly environment in our classrooms, continue to support and encourage each of our students, continue to build those relationships, continue to be creative with our lesson planning, continue to laugh and smile, and continue to hold our students accountable. If we do these things, our school will continue to be the place where people (students, teachers, and families) want to be. We have an amazing group of kids, and with all of our hard work and commitment, we will most definitely sustain our unique culture. Thank you for everything you do to support our students!

David / Mr. Luongo

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Outdoor Lab Presentation

Thank you to all the 6th grade parents who attended our Outdoor Lab presentation on Monday night. Hopefully we answered your questions and calmed your nerves a bit. If you would like to revisit some of the slides we showed, click the button below to see the presentation again. Parents who were unable to attend, please review the information in the slideshow and let us know if you still have any questions.

We are sorry there has been a glitch for some of you in the King Soopers card fundraiser program. We are currently working on getting the situation resolved as quickly as possible.

6th Graders Return from Winter Break on Jan 8

Please be aware for your vacation planning: 6th Graders' first day back from break will be on Tuesday, January 8th for Outdoor Lab Orientation. More details about that day will come soon.

Lakewood High School Open House for 8th Graders and Families

Lakewood High School will be hosting an 8th Grade Open House on November 13th from 6-7:30 p.m. Any prospective 9th grader who is interested in attending LHS next year is encouraged and welcome to attend. Please arrive by 6pm to meet Principal Dan Bock in the auditorium, followed by visiting representative from Lakewood’s athletic teams, activities, clubs and academic departments. There will also be student let tours during which interested students can ask questions of our seasoned LINK students. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ms. Jennifer Gonzales at

If you are an 8th grade parent, we encourage you to be on the lookout for other information sessions at our local high schools.

Math Students Working on Their Chili Recipe for the Cook Off

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Girls & Boys Basketball Registration

Registration for basketball opens on November 7th. Registration is $55, plus $10 for a Manning t-shirt if the student does not already have one from a prior MSSP sport at Manning. Registration can be done online at, by calling the Rec Center at 303-231-1300, or by stopping in in person at the Rec Center.

For girls there will be a 6th-8th grade league, with 1 or more teams at Manning, and will have practices and games on Mondays and Wednesdays from January 14th-March 13th. Practices will be after school for 90 minutes, and games will start between 3:45 and 5:15pm (Mon and Wed as well). Home games will be at Manning, away games will be at other Jefferson County middle schools.

For boys there will be a 6th/7th and an 8th grade league, with 1 or more teams at each age group at Manning. Boys will have practices and games on Tuesdays and Thursdays from January 15th-March 14th. Practices will be after school for 90 minutes, and games will start between 3:45 and 5:15pm (Tues and Thur as well). Home games will be at Manning, away games will be at other Jefferson County middle schools.

If any parents are interested in coaching we are looking for additional coaches in paid or volunteer roles, and they can contact Brandon Altenburg at the Rec Center for more information.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Reflections Project

Visual Arts

1st Place - The Strong Squad (Drawing - Colored Pencils) Adan Marquez (7th)

2nd Place - Words are Power (Drawing) Sophie Leo (7th)

3rd Place - Parents are Heroes (Watercolor) Lillian Young (6th)


1st Place - To Let Go, Casey Hume (7th)

Diá de los Muertos

Fifteen of Manning's Art students have paintings hanging at the Pirate Contemporary Art Gallery in Lakewood 40 West Arts District for Diá de los Muertos!

The BIG EVENT is Friday, November 2nd from 5:00 -10:00 pm.

There are thousands of people expected for this event. Aztec Dancers starting at the Pirate Gallery and moving on to other places within the 40 West Arts District. Food Truck will be there and Many streets will be closed.

Congratulations to the following students whose art will be exhibited:

Kenzer Lewis

Ellie Kuntz

Rachel Hillard

Nora Ambro

Abby Inglee

Chloe Haynes

Houston Gilcrease

Maisun Kobal

James Roll

Gabby Dow

Ali Walters

Erlend Harris

Nissa Christianson

Rowyan Bailey

Jack Ruhl

Fire artists, Aztec dancers and a district-wide Diá de los Muertos celebration. It’s all happening on First Friday in November. 40 West Arts District invites the public to a huge celebration based loosely around the theme of Diá de los Muertos on First Friday November 2nd from 5-9pm. All of our galleries, studios and creative businesses will be open to the public and visitors to the district will see multiple exhibits inspired by Diá de los Muertos including altars and pieces by local grade school students. Watch Aztec dancers in traditional costume and see fire artists, who will be on hand spinning fire to brighten the winter night in a display of light and shadow. This kid & family event will also showcase piñatas, Diá de los Muertos face painting, live music and local vendors. Sip beer and wine while you’re here, or enjoy a bite at a local food truck. This fun, immersive event is not to be missed.

No Costumes on Halloween

Please be aware that we are not allowing our students to wear costumes to school on Halloween, because it would be too much of a distraction to our learning environment. The opportunity for them to dress up in costumes was at the Fall Fest Dance.

Mid-term Grades Posted

Now that we are half way through the first semester, your student's midterm progress grades are currently posted in Infinite Campus. Please log in through the Parent Portal and take a look.

Instagram Posts in English Class

Ms. Garcia-Lee embraces the modern world of social media in order to help her students relate to the concept of summarizing chapters of a novel from various character's perspectives. On a graphic organizer, they draw a picture to represent the main idea and then summarize the chapter in 17 words or less, followed of course by a hashtag to whittle the main point down to just a simple phrase. #coolteacher
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Upcoming Enrichment Opportunities

Guitar, Sticky Fingers Cooking, and Yoga are coming up soon. Please click on the button below for more information regarding this enrichment programs.

Deputy Lewis makes a guest appearance in 8th grade social studies class to provide her expertise about our justice system and courtroom procedures

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PE Uniforms for 2nd Semester

Our clothing store is now open and accepting orders until December 16th. If your student's schedule reflects gym class for next semester, please make sure to place an order for your his/her gym uniform if you have not already done so. Uniforms are mandatory for PE Class. Orders will arrive when we return from winter break.

Yet Another PE Unit - This Time, Frisbee Golf!

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City Strings Guitar - Winter Session

Wednesdays 2:30 - 3:30 pm, beginning on Halloween!

Dates: Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14, (no class Nov 21), 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19, Jan. 9, 16, 23 Celebration & Performance

Guitar and Songwriting: Music is a birthright! Our mission is to share that we are all creative beings with the capacity to make music. In this class, students will learn how to play basic chords on the guitar, listen to each other as an ensemble, and write original songs. It is open to students who have good strength and dexterity in their fingers and who are willing to play during the week outside of class, as we believe that practice makes progress. Students must bring their own acoustic guitar.

Investment: $250


Jen Pastalo Dacpano



PLC Update

This past Wednesday, our teachers met in their subject area departments and worked on:

  • vertical alignment of curriculum/rigor
  • analyzing authentic tasks
  • defining academic expectations
  • identifying student exemplar work samples

Monday - Pajama Day

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Tuesday - Twin Day

Wednesday - Pink Day

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Thursday - Decade Day

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Friday - School Spirit Day

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Congratulations to Our Winning Door Decorators

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At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • During argumentation in science Seth Hertel defended his claim with provided evidence even though he was the only student that believed that point. While defending, he then persuaded multiple students to agree with his claim.


  • Lisl Gidlund is a great, kind, caring, and loving person. She helps me study for my math tests and helps me with my homework in Mrs. Hughes math class. She also lets me pet the degu in Mrs. Hughes math class. She is the best person I know, and always achieves to make me laugh.
  • When I dropped my books, Anais Leparis came to help me when it was inconvenient for her
  • Thank you, Sofia Finney, for your enthusiasm! You work so hard in Language Arts, and are so positive about everything we do. As a teacher, it is greatly appreciated and respected!
  • Mrs. Mendez is a great teacher who teaches in a fun but serious way. It is amazing how she does all of the classes she teaches and STUCO! I know that she has several kids and has other things to deal with but Mrs. Mendez spends lots of her free time helping us and making sure all of her groups are successful. I admire her and find her work amazing.
  • I have seen Jordan Beecher always try to be as inclusive as she can. It seems to me that Jordan wants to have lots of friends and wants everybody to have lots of friends. It is kind how she puts extra effort into making everybody feel a part of the team.
  • Mrs. Burg plans fun lessons to make science exciting. She knows how to get work done but still be smiley and kind. We need more teachers like that in the world. Overall her lessons are really interesting and intriguing but still educational. That makes me look forward to class. I can tell she puts a lot of thought into what and how she teaches us. Thanks to all the students and her class always runs smoothly. Thanks for being such a great human being Mrs. Burg!
  • In math Ella Yancey always asked questions to make sure she understands. I see Ella is eager to learn and catches on quickly. Ella engages in class and I think she is being a very good role model overall too.
  • Overall and especially in orchestra I see Jane Bendl giving it her all and being friendly. She counts, plays right notes, and engages. I look up to her. Out of orchestra I see her spreading kindness and trying hard.
  • Jaxie Thompson helped a 6th grader pick up their stuff and helps me to remember to do my homework.


  • Mrs. Pouliot is always really nice to everyone and she makes people feel better. She deals with difficult situations in the best way possible without raising her voice or getting angry.
  • I have noticed that Sophie Christiansen is always trying to do her best work and asks questions so she can get things done the right way. Sophie seems to care a lot about her work and wants to succeed. I think this is great and we should all be like Sophie Christiansen.
  • The STUCO team is in mixed grades and we all work together as a team, including Mrs. Mendez. I look forward to our meetings because we all have such good ideas and put in lots of effort. I have so much fun in student council and love what we do. It is always so nice to see one of our plans come together. I can't say enough about what a team we all are and how Mrs. Mendez helps us as a group. Thanks student council for making my time here at Manning even more spectacular.
  • Over the school year I have seen that Dora Rubin has helped me and others when they are in need. She is on task and knows her stuff! I can always count on her!


  • Soli Fico is always being very respectful to the people around us and not just students, but teachers too. She is always really positive to so many people and it puts a good example on others.
  • Gianna Bergren is a great friend and she made me happy even when I felt sad or not confident.
  • Ms McLeod's 7th period class was at Shakespeare in the parking lot. Her access class showed respect by waiting outside for her and did their homework.
  • Campbell Traylor is the best and kindest person I know. She is so funny and awesome.
  • Tegan Sherman is always so nice and upbeat, she always says "Hi!" to me in the hallways and makes my day!
  • Mrs Sawyer comforted me when I was going though a tough time. She helped me stay focused when I felt like give up! She's fantastic!
  • Jacob Skwarek brought me Starbucks on Monday morning! DAY. MADE.
  • Whenever I'm sad, Emerie Nauslar brightens my day


  • Bernard Jacob showed teamwork when he helped Jasmine hang up the anti-bullying chains. He showed respect by asking his peers to write down respectful things. He achieved putting up all chains. He showed effort by writing a good sentence on his chain.
  • Maddy Baillie helped me with my Social Studies video and offered to help me with my math homework! Thanks Maddy!
  • Mr. Metcalf is always a team player! Without hesitation, he switched morning duty with me...! The 7th-grade team is lucky to have his positive outlook.
  • Sofia Finney included me with her friends and had her friends include me as well
  • Thank you to all of the Manning staff and parent helpers that helped create a successful Maple Grove Demonstration. We couldn't have pulled it off without you!!
  • We completely didn't know each other, and Clara Bailey was so nice to me, and now we are best friends and we are planning on bunking together at outdoor lab.
  • I was absent for a few days and Mrs. Hughes helped me get back on track and let me turn in a late concept check and some late homework.
  • Georgia Wade is a wonderful student to have in Word Wonder! She is excited about everything we do, and is a quiet leader in our class!
  • I was looking forward to twinning with Riley DeJesus and thought it would be super fun. I asked her and she sayed she already had plans with somebody else. Instead of leaving she told me what her group was wearing and invited me to join them. I was touched and want to see more kind actions like was Riley did! Thanks girl!!!
  • Mrs. McLeod's 7th Period class is fun to be in. We all are kind to each other and seem to get along in a super fun way. I like that we get stuff done but still laugh and smile really often. Mrs. McLeod is a great balance of super funny and "get your work done". I see this in a lot of my teachers but Mrs. McLeod has the PERFECT balance. I want to go to class. Thank you to my classmates for doing your work and working together to make ELA fun for all of us. YAY Mrs. McLeod's 7th period class!!!!!!!!!!
  • Peyton McConnell and Lucia Sloan helped me stay on task with my work and helped a student pick up their books when they dropped them.

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.