Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Laying to rest with ease and style

We are here for you, in every way, to make the process of saying goodbye as peaceful and beautiful as possible.

24 Hour Service. Call anytime if you need to talk!

We will help you make the tough decisions:

*Burial or cremation

*Help transporting organs for donation

*Open or closed casket?

*Purchase of burial plots available.

*We recommend sealing, but the choice is yours.

*Who will speak? Who will give eulogy?

*Music and poetry to be performed by professionals, or family members.

What is the right choice for my loved one?

Faith-based service, any religion, we have you covered. We will discuss what your wants are, and will make sure to provide you with the service that you want. Bible, Koran, Torah, other religious books available, or none at all.